Friday, April 6, 2012

Green Eggs No Ham

Hi There 
Isn't it amazing, Easter, already.  Each holiday brings with it cherished memories of childhoods past.

My Auntie Alice always went out of her way to make every occasion special for everyone in our family. Each occasion meant a large family gathering at my grandparents home, a fabulous meal and something special just for us kids.

For Easter Auntie would boil, color and hide dozens of eggs for us to hunt. Since there was a wide range of ages between my brother, cousins and I, she'd leave eggs out in the open for the littlest ones but made them progressively more difficult to find for the older kids. Each age group was assigned different colored eggs. One year the oldest kids were assigned blue and green eggs. After the hunt we discovered one egg was missing, a green one. Auntie questioned each of us as to where we had found our eggs as she tried desperately to remember where she had hidden that green egg.  In spite of the adults helping we couldn't find that egg. Eventually we came to the conclusion Auntie had miss counted and there had never been a green egg.

A month after Easter the older grandchildren gathered at my grandparents for spring yard clean up. Weeding, pruning, trimming, mowing, etc. Those were the days before powered tools, well at least before we had any. We used push mowers and sickles. Do you know where this is going? 

Billy, being the eldest, was using the sickle when he found the elusive green egg. Poor guy lost his breakfast and lunch that day, the rest of us took off running to get up wind.  Sadly Grandma's house was down wind.

Auntie only hid bright orange and yellow eggs for the older kids after that. The blues and greens were left out in clear sight for the little ones to find.

The people who shape our lives and bring us such joy as we are growing up leave us far to soon. I’ve raided the scraps files and made a few Easter cards for the remaining elders in my family.  I'll be entering these in Di's Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge.  Put on your Easter bonnet, bring your basket and come join us.  The Easter Bunny may be leaving some goodies, hopefully no green eggs, it's bound to be a lot of fun.  

For my first card I used another NOID stamp found in a thrift shop.  I stamped it with Stazon and colored it with color pencils. I cut it with SB Labels Four.  The ribbon is from an Easter hair band.  The embossed cards have been sitting around since I got my Cuttlebug last year and went crazy embossing eveything that didn't get out of my way.  The sentiment was computer generated.

I was inspired by the many tutorials on Easter Bonnet treat boxes showing up all over the web for my second card. My bonnet was quite simple to make. I punched a 1 ½” scalloped circle and a 1” circle. I placed three layers of foam tape between the two and glued a band around it. I then covered it with tulle and tied my ribbon in place then added a tiny flower to decorate it.  I've had bits of this glittery ribbon in a zip bag for 22 years.  It was in a grab bag of ribbons and lace I got when Ben Franklin closed it's doors.     

     /) /)

Have an Amazing Easter!


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  1. Oh wow both these cards are stunning so elegant too!:)x

    1. Hey, ho Bernie, I can only comment using reply :(

      I love your Easter Egg Hunt Tale, so funny Bernie :) And your cards are absolutely gorgeous. Of course I need to know how you got the tulip to overlap the sentiment on the first one - such a lovely touch. And the Easter bonnet is adorable!

      Happy Easter to you my friend. Oh, and I totally adore your Easter bunny sign off!

      /) /)

      Very clever - I think mine looks a bit odd though.

      Hugs, Di xx

    2. Hi Sweetie Happy Easter to you and Len.
      You wont believe how easy it was to overlap that tulip. This lady calls it pop out but most call it The Outside The Box Technique. She gets to the point though.
      If you go back and look you will see I screwed up the spout of the watering can. Shouldn’t cut away any of your card just cut into it like she shows.
      Love & Hugs

    3. Ah, I think I've used this too but not for such delicate work! Writing up the roll call here right now and Mr Blogger is running like a dog on three legs today :( Di xx

  2. Lovely cards you have made. Thanks for the eggie story! Uch y fi!!

  3. What fab Easter tale Bernie. And I love the two cards you've made . . . you're especially clever with the Easter Bonnet embellishment.

    Ha ha Sam . . . sometimes Welsh is SOOOO expressive! I don't speak it, but I pretty much guess what you said! xxx

  4. Love your story about your Aunt....such wonderful memories.

    Those tulips are beautiful! They are my favorite flower and yellow is my favorite color for them. Love the out of the box technique you did with your tulip.

    Where have I been that I haven't seen that cute Easter bonnet treat boxes anywhere? It is just cute as can be.

    What a cute bunny sign off, Bernie.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  5. Bernie, I loved your story. It sounds a lot like my growing up, with the Easter egg dyeing, egg hunts. We would have one or two that didn't get found until much later. Your cards are so pretty, and it's just amazing what you did with 'snippets'. I think the NOID might be an Impression Obsession stamp, as I have one that looks similar (might not be either!). Very pretty. Love the little Easter Hat. Blessings. TFS

  6. Lovely memories and two great cards. Love both of the cards but I do have a soft spot for pink.

  7. What a great story Bernie TYFS. Beautiful work on you cards so delicate and love that glittery ribbon, nice to know it is still going strong after all these years, I've got some nearly as old! .

  8. Great cards. Fab colouring on the first one

  9. Beautiful Easter creations Bernie! I hope you have had a beautiful Easter!

  10. Beautiful cards Bernie, really love that little pink bonnet but the pretty tulips in the watering can are great. Hilarious Easter story too!!


  11. Oh...pretty the glitter ribbon, and what a sweet bonnet. Love the story...we've had similar experiences...that's why we now use plastic eggs....nothing like finding a 2 month old egg! Hope your easter was a great one.

  12. Fabulous Easter cards Bernie.

    I hope you had a good time.

    I love the story of the green egg!! Every time I see a green Easter Egg now I shall think of this story!!!

    Love Jules xx

  13. funny story about the easter egg hunt-thanks for sharing a memory with us-and your easter cards are so pretty-love the water can image and tulips

  14. Hello Bernie

    Thank you so much for your Easter tale. Stunning Easter creations I love your little Easter bonnet.

  15. These are gorgeous Bernie, love the style and pretty soft colours.. and fun story about the lost green Easter egg and so sweet of your Aunt to organise such a fun day for you all :D xx

  16. That egg story reminds me of an Easter egg treasure hunt we went on with our friends from the Land Rover club. Our routes were carefully chosen to do no damage or cause problems to others. When we all got back and totted up our points, the loser had to break an egg over his head. It had been sitting in someone's caravan all summer. We all made sure we were not downwind. Back to crafting and I really like what you have done with those snippets. Thank you for your visit and for your kind comments. Have a good week and I will meet you in the playground at the weekend. xx Maggie #2

  17. Morning sweetie these are both gorgeous but the embossing on the first one really pops out at you, huggles Pops x x x

  18. Hallo Bernie thanks for all your lovely comments, I too have a wee stash of embossed card from when I got some tim holtz folders last year, I come across them usually when I have just embossed another piece of card ho hum! Love your stories,we did this to, but with tiny choccie eggs and now I do it with my kiddies, we do now have to shut the dogs in tho after an unfortunate incident where the kiddies found NO eggs!! Think our magic dog is made of strong stuff cos she was fine after all the choc my littlest kids where a wee bitty sad tho,lol Heidi x


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