Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Craft Fairs


I'm back, well sort of, now that my craft fairs are over I am trying to clean up around here. The Closet looks much like a bomb went off in there and the rest of the house has been sadly neglected for far to long.  It make take me a while to get caught up to all of you but I'll be by soon.

Over all the craft fairs were disappointing. We had lots of foot traffic and while everyone seemed in high spirits, people were not buying. I have watched my sales and those of fellow vendors drop year by year as the economy continues to worsen. Each year one or more vendors decides it isn’t worth the effort and drops by the way side. Such talented people are missed.

I must say it was all I could do to keep from screaming every time I heard the word CUTE.  Seems no one buys cute. I didn’t sell a single one of my votive candle cakes or the candle lollipops. The Magic Piggy Wands sold out at both fairs and I did sell out of my large Christmas planners otherwise I sold a little of this and a little of that.

Not the best photos but I’d like to share my set up with you and especially the lovely banner my sweet son Matt had made for me.  It looks much better in person. 

Hugs and Blessings

Friday, November 9, 2012

Veteran's Day & USMC Birthday

Hi There

Gosh I have missed you all. Hope everyone is doing well. Praying for all those suffering thru the aftermath of Sandy and Athena. When I am tempted to complain about how cold it is here this winter I will think of those on the east coast and say a prayer for them all instead.

WOW I can’t believe the last time I posted summer was still hanging on and fires were still burning in the high Cascades. We have since skipped past autumn and we are expecting snow by morning. The Cascades have been covered with snow for weeks now.  Although our days have been  comfortable night time temps are below freezing so winter is definitely here.

I am still preoccupied with craft fairs but I wanted to take a moment to share a few cards. I’ll be back to posting and visiting soon.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a bit knows my family and I are very patriotic. My father and his six brothers served in WWII and or the Korean Conflict. Jim served in Viet Nam and I am a Viet Nam era Vet. Our son served in the Gulf War and our daughter served as well.

If you know a US Marine you know the Marine Corps birthday, 11 November 1775, is as important to him or her as their own birthday if not more so. As they say ‘Once a Marine always a Marine’. Nov. 12 is Veteran's Day.  I’ve made the following cards to thank all the Veteran’s in my life for their service, to wish them a Happy Veteran’s Day and to wish the Marines a Happy USMC Birthday. 

If you have any questions about these cards please feel free to ask.  I haven't been by for a while but I have used many snippets on these cards so I'll stop by the Playground and take a quick peek in the Tree house.

Please remember to thank the Veterans in your life this weekend.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Craft Fair Makes

Hi There;
Sorry for my long absence and for not being by to visit your lovely blogs. Except for a few days off with the dreaded flu I’ve been working playing in the Closet getting ready for the upcoming Craft Fairs. Time is getting short but I really needed to take a brake and escape from the Closet for a little while. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been making with you all.

Warning Long post - Picture heavy

Candle Lollipops


I saw this delightful Candle Lollipop on Dawn’s Blog some time ago. Dawn’s favorite word is cute. Oh my she uses it in all her wonderful videos A LOT, you could say it‘s her signature word. I think they will make fun co-worker Christmas gifts. I am hoping these wont fall into that dreaded Oh How Cute category where people say it and just walk on. I am thinking of putting up a sign saying the C word is forbidden.

You can find Dawn’s video here. I followed Dawn's directions but found glue dots were not strong enough to hold my bows in place, the glue gun worked great.

Silly Weather Forecaster

These are a fun stocking stuffers. I can always find yarn in thrift shops so it’s just a matter of braiding it and attaching a laminated tag which says:

You are now the proud owner of
the first accurate weather forecaster. 

For best results, hang on a nail
outside your window.
If it’s wet …. It’s raining.
If it’s white … It’s snowing
If it’s stiff … It’s freezing
If it’s moving .. It’s windy
It it’s gone … somebody ripped it off.

Magic Piggy Wand

These always bring a giggle and have sold well. One lady bought a dozen saying she was going to place one on each of her co-workers desks. No two of these looks alike as lots of varying shades of pink snippets went into completing them. I’ve used chopsticks for my wands. My neighbor loves Chinese food but hasn’t a clue how to use chopsticks so she always brings them to me. At this point I have enough of them to build a small room. I printed the free clip art piggy and the tag which says:

Magic Piggy Wand
To remove calories
Wave over main dish
Wave over desert
twice or more.
Of course I always guarantee it to work with a wink.

Prayer Rocks

These are simply fabric snippets tied around a pebble. I am always surprised that children either purchase these or ask an adult to do so. The image is another free clip art. The poem inside says:

I’m your little prayer rock
and this is what I’ll do.
Just put me on your pillow
till the day is through.
Then turn back the covers
and climb into your bed
your little prayer
rock will hit you on your
Then you will remember
as the day is through
To kneel and say your
prayers as you wanted to,
Then when you are finished
just dump me on the floor,
I’ll stay there through the
Night to give you help once more.
When you get up in the morning
CLUNK…. I stub your toe
So you will remember

your prayers before you go.
Put me back upon your pillow

when your bed is made,
And your clever little

prayer rock will continue
in your aid.

Because your heavenly
Father cares and loves you so,
He wants you to remember
to talk to him… you know.
As the print on the tag is quite small I frame a larger copy for easier reading.

Santa’s Magic Key

I found these green mittens at an after Christmas sale last year and the keys in Michael’s $1 bin. The tag was printed, cutout with SB labels Four. I then went around the edges with a Clear Star Gelly Roll pen for some sparkle.

It says:
Santa's Magic Key
This key is very special, you see.
It won't work for you and me...
Hang it just outside your door.
Go to bed and worry no more...
Close your eyes and close them tight.
'Cause Santa Claus is coming tonight!  

As I've used snippets of paper, ribbon or fabric on each of these items I'm off to share with the lovely ladies in the tree house at Pixies Crafty Snippet’s Challenge.  

Summer has finally given way to Autumn in our neck of the woods.  We haven't heard any more news on the fires since  we learned those in the lower elevations were contained and everyone was allowed to return to their homes.  We do continue to get air quality reports.  Although the air seems clear we are still being warned there is smoke in the air and those with breathing problems should continue to be careful.  Closer to the fires the air quality remains hazardous.  We did have a bit of rain, not enough to put out those fires in the higher elevations but it did smell simply wonderful.  We remain hopeful for an early snowfall on the moutain tops.
Wishing you all a Blessed day.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Treasured Memories

Hi There

This Sunday I attended an ‘Orchid Show’. I was disappointed to find it was actually an orchid sale. Oh the limited variety of blossoms were quite beautiful but they were displayed in trays with the plants bunched so close together it was difficult to appreciate them. I suppose I will always be disappointed by orchid shows. 

You see, as I was growing up there was always a magnificent orchid show at the yearly Maui County Fair. It was held in a small, old green building with lath sides. No matter how hot and sunny it was outside it was always cool and dim inside, as in a forest. There was a small waterfall which fed a little stream that wondered around the building. Along the banks of the stream were rocks, green shrubs to represent small trees and at varying levels were glorious orchids, their pots hidden by lush green moss. More orchids hung from the walls growing in coconut husks or on pieces of old tree fern stumps with bits of Grandfather's Beard lichen placed as though it had always been there and in the center of the room an island with more trees, orchids and moss.   The numbers of orchids, the colors and sizes all boggled the mind. 

It all looked like a miniature scene out of nature but to a child more like a scene from a fairytale. It was all at waist level for an adult and I can remember being so little I had to stand on tip toes to see it all. Every year as I grew up I looked forward to the orchid show. It was all like a fantasy land I could escape to for a little while and even as an adult I would not have been the least bit surprised if a fairy had peeked out from behind a rock or a flower. Today there is a McDonald’s where that treasured building of my long ago memories once stood. 

I wish I could share a photo of my memeories but I don't have any instead I found this photo of my very favorite orchid.  It is called the Honohono orchid  ( said Ho like Santa says Ho Ho and No as in well, No, repeat :)  Just looking at the photo I can almost smell it's heavenly scent. 
  Okay Bernie back to the real world, share your cards.

I was commissioned to make two birthdays cards, one pink, one green with a doily, bird and flowers on each and using Hero Arts stamp with this sentiment.  As the stamp was to large, in order fit it all on the front of my cards I printed the sentiment. 

I’ve used S/B Standard Circle, Lacy Circle and Floral Flourishes, SU bird punch and flowers from my stash.

I wish you all a fabulous week.



Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas Planners

Hi There!

WOW It's October!  On one hand this year seems to have dragged on forever and on the other I feel as though I've missed most of it while caring for Jim.  Thankfully he is doing much better and doesn't need my constant attention so I've been enjoying working playing in the Closet.

Most of the holiday bazaars I did last year were badly organized and with little advertising very poorly attended. As a result my sales were less then stellar and I do have quite a few leftovers. This year I have been invited to a larger, well organized and always well advertised CRAFT FAIR. I am truly excited to be in the company of true artisans and do hope for much better sales.

These Christmas Planners are some of last years leftovers as so few sold. I am hopeful they will sell this year.

Although time consuming these are quite easy to make out of a file folder and DP.  Since it would probably take longer for you to read how these were made I invite you to view this fun, speeded up video.  No jibber jabber just festive music.  I don’t own a Crop-A-Dile, instead I’ve used Velcro closers stitched under the bows.

These simple Christmas Planners have sold well in the past so why not make more. :)  They are altered mini composition books, covered with Christmas snippets, bits of ribbon and punched snowflakes. I can’t remember where I found the label as I’ve had it in my files for some time. 

I thought I would share this slide show with you.   It shows some of the fires here in Eastern WA.  These photos were taken quite a bit north of us but the fires extend along the Cascade range south to our area.  Thankfully we can not see the flames from our home and unlike the homes shown here we are in no danger.  We are enjoying another beautifully clear day as the breezes continue to blow the smoke out of our area.  Sadly the air quality in the area these photos were taken remains Hazordous. 
ETS:  Although the breezes are blowing the smoke out of our area and we are in no danger the fires are still burning here as they are in the slide show.
Have a Fabulous Day!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Got Nothing For You ;)

I have something to share from the Just for Fun department today. A Jar of Nothing. Well I have a dozen or so actually.

Every year Jim says he wants nothing for Christmas then torments me wanting to know what I got him. Last year I Goggled ‘the perfect gag gift for someone who wants nothing‘. The first thing to come up was a Jar of Nothing. I quickly typed and printed the label. No decorations just slapped the plain label on a small jar and handed it to him. To my surprise he absolutely love it. Everyone who saw it thought it was brilliant and suggested I decorate jars and sell them at the craft fairs.

My neighbor saved her little granddaughter’s baby food jars for me. Thanks Carol! I printed the labels which say: A Jar of Nothing on the front and on the back:

You could have asked of anything --- a new car--- a vacation--- a new computer, anything your heart desired but NOOOO you said
Well, I searched high and low and here it is a jar full of NOTHING.


I dug in to my fabric stash, from a time when Methuselah and I quilted together and found a variety of snippets large enough to cut in to circles using pinking shears. Bits of ribbon or raffia saved from a gift received years ago, an assortment of decorations including some tiny bells I found in a thrift shop.  Even some snippets of paper to highlight some of the labels.  I've got on my wet weather gear and I'm off to share these with the lovelies over at Di's virtual playground.  Come join the fun but watch out for the duck pond.       

The air is amazingly clear today. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful our bright blue skies can be, I'd still rather we had some rain.  The fires are still burning but we have been blessed with somewhat cooler weather (summer isn't giving up without a fight), higher humidity and gentle breezes which have cleared the air. We all know as soon as the breezes stop the smoke will return but we will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

I saw a firefighter in the market a few days ago. Poor guy was so exhausted he looked like death warmed over. A few of us thanked him for what he has been doing and called him a hero. He blushed beet red but walked out holding his head a bit higher and with a smile on his face. So very glad we did it, I am sure knowing he is appreciated did him a world of good.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week and hoping Mother Nature will be kind to you.



Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Late

Good Evening

Did you think I’d fallen off the face of the earth? I’m still here, just been beavering away in the Closet working on craft fair items. I have been by to visit some of your lovely blogs from time to time but have sadly neglected my own.

I'm a little late but not to late for Sandra's Rudolph Day Challenge.  Why not join the fun,  you have until Tuesday evening and beside adding a C card to your stash (you know you'll need them sooner then you think) there is a lovely prize to be won.
I’ve used Hero Arts Clings ‘Wreath’ stamp, Recollections’ Joy stamp, a few rhinestones and a bit of gold cord from the scraps jar on craft layered on to chcolate and on a dark green base.
The fires are still ragging in Eastern WA. Although there are approximately 1,800 homes under mandatory evacuation, thanks to our fabulous firefighters no homes have been lost in well over a month.  We have been blessed with some gentle breezes, enough to upgrade our air quality from Unhealthy to Poor. It still seems unhealthy to me, it is really bothering Jim and even I have felt it in my lungs. The air quality for those closer to the fires is still Hazardous. Unbelievably, NASA satellites are picking up the smoke over Newfoundland.  I've heard Colorado has had some snow in the very high elevations, fingers crossed and prayers being said we will have an early snow fall in the Cascades. 

Hope you all have a magnificent weekend.  I'll be back to share some of my craft fair makes in the next day or two.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You Canada

Thank you all for you lovely comments on my little cakes.  I do hope they will sell.  Cute can be a double edged sword.  Cute either sells out or can be the kiss of death.  Can't tell you how often I've heard people say Oh How Cute then walk off.  Time will tell.   
In a normal fire season neighboring states will send equipment and personnel to help us and we do the same for them. This year each state has so many fires no one has an extra body to spare. I don’t know the numbers for other states but there are a mind boggling 240 or so fires raging in the state of WA alone.   300 more homes have been evacuated and now three fire fighters have been injured on the job. 

Yesterday firefighters from Canada began arriving to lend our exhausted and over worked firefighters a helping hand. 
Thank you Canada and God bless you. 
If you would say a prayer for all firefighters and home owners in harms way and even for a bit of rain it would be greatly appreciated.


My card today is for my sister who is still peeling that onion.  It's quite simple. Colored with pencils and cut with SB Label Seven with just a bit out side the box. The sentiment was computer generated and cut by hand. I won this stamp from my blog friend Winnie well over a year ago.  Shame on me for never using it before.  
I've used yellow because Sis knows I was blessed or should I say cursed with a seventies harvest gold bathroom. Maybe that’s why I don’t care for and seldom use yellows.  What were they thinking when they came up with those dreadful colors and to use them on expensive household fixtures was truly insane.   How did they convince people to actually buy them?  Me thinks there was a lotta smoking going on at the time.  

Have a fabulous day.



Monday, September 17, 2012

I've Been Baking

Hello Sweet Friends

I didn’t mean to mislead anyone about the fires in our area. Thank you all for your concern but we are quite safe. We live in the Yakima Valley on the eastern foothills of The Cascade Mountain range. The fires are in the higher elevations but the smoke fills the valley. Although a breeze would help us, it is a blessing for the firefighters and home owners in harms way that our notorious winds are not fanning the flames. Sadly there is no relief in sight as there isn’t a hint of precipitation in our long range forecast.

I hadn’t planned to share these with you all until I had them all completed but it is taking far longer then I expected. They are so stinking cute, I can’t wait.

Okay I haven't really been baking.  I can not take credit for the idea or give credit to the original designer as I’ve been seeing these decorated battery operated tea light candles on the web for years.  There is a wonderful tutorial here.


Are these photos a bit blurred or is it just me?  Maybe I need to recharge my batteries.

I’ve used snippets of paper, a variety of punches and dug into my stash of tiny flowers, beads and more to decorate each cake differently. Each sits on it’s own 'cake plate' which has a hole punched into it so the switch is accessible.

Each box has an acetate window cut with SB Circles and framed with SB Lacy Circles, a matching belly band with a MS Daisy border punch for a lacy look and a matching 3 x 3 blank note card.

      Do you think these will sell at the Craft Fairs? 
ETA: I meant to share with the snippetters in the playground.  Head Mistress Di has reminded me I hadn't don't so.  Sorry Di.

I've got boxes, cards and envelops to make so I'd better hop to it.  Hope you all have a fabulous week.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi There

I hope you are all well, enjoying a lovely weekend and the weather is treating you well. We had a lightening storm in the Cascades last weekend which started 100 fires in Eastern WA. Most are high in the mountains and inaccessible to firefighters. We are told those will probably burn until the first snow. More fires then our poor over worked firefighters can possibly deal with. At the moment they are successfully protecting homes in the lower elevations. Hundreds have been evacuated. The smoke is horrid, we can even taste it. Even the silhouette of the closes foothills have been obscured by the smoke.

Jim has increased his medications and is doing amazingly well all things considered. Of course the poor guy has been locked indoors for so long he can’t remember the last time he was out.

Sorry for my long absence, seems I can either manage to craft or blog but not both. I have so many cards to share but I’ve been nose to the grindstone working on craft fair items. I will share those soon, promise.

My card today is for my grandson who plays football. I found the football and cheerleader images on the web, printed both and my sentiment.  The embossed card was a snippet/scrap. To small for my back ground so I cut it into three pieces which worked well with the circles I think.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Small Space Storage Ideas - Photographing Cards and More

Hello Again;
It's still hit and miss with me scheduling post but I'll figure it out eventually.  Today I am sharing some storage ideas.  I've spent more hours then I care to admit searching the Web for small space storage ideas, these are not my own ideas but each suits my needs.  True to form I've adapted each in the cheapest way possible.  
I don't remember where I first saw this idea but I think it's brilliant. I store all of my papers in either in 8.5 X 11 or 12 X 12 page protectors.  I store my scraps in the same PP as their full sheet counterparts.  This keeps me from being tempted to cut into a new sheet and keeps everything dust free as well.   
Two sided paper in 12 X 12 PP
I am not always so diligent about retuning scraps to their proper PP, when I'm not I file like colors in two pocket school folders.

This is a work in progress.  I had all of my long ribbon scraps wound on doll pins and although the jars looked pretty they took up far to much real estate and what I wanted was always at the very bottom of the jar.  I've begun to wrap my ribbons including full rolls around chip board.  It's freed up so very much space, I just love it. 
Clear and Cling Stamps
I've trimmed off the bottoms of zip bags, trimmed old file folders to fit in them, punched thru the entire lot and placed them in three ring binders.  I then slip my clear and or cling stamp sets into the bags, the zip lock keeps them from falling out. 

I store my Sizzlets and some other dies in a simple album I've made.  The cover is made from a cereal box covered with blue gift wrap and decorated with butterflies.  Of course.  :)    I've trimmed baseball card sleeves to hold a set of Sizzlets per page and include the packaging for easy reference.  I store my SB dies in CD cases but the ones that don't fit in those those are in zip bags in the same album. 

Photographing cards:
I have tried photographing cards in every possible spot in the house, constructed light boxes, light tents and braved the outdoors, none of it worked.  I saw this somewhere on the Web and it works beautifully nearly every time.
 Two pieces of CS, a Sun Light Lamp, an Ott lamp, the proper camera settings and a little help from Picasa with cropping.  Wa La, Easy Peasy.
Nothing very fancy but each idea works for me.  And should anyone wonder about the cost of those 12 X 12 PP to a tight wad like me:  I found a gigantic box full in a thrift shop for next to nothing.  The original idea was to use 2 gallon zip bags from The Dollar Store.  I buy the 8.5 X 11 PP during the Back To School sales at Wal-Mart.
And finally I found this fabulous post on ATG First Aid.  Must see, brilliant ideas.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Hi There

My card today was made for someone I haven’t known for very long and chances are we will probably never meet face to face but she has become a very dear friend. Although she has had her onion to peel of late she has stuck by me and encouraged me thru the layers of my onion lately. I wanted to make her a special card to thank her for all she has done for me even though she probably doesn‘t realize how important it has been to me. I haven’t mentioned her name as she follows my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise if she hasn‘t received the card yet.

To crate my little music book I printed the sentiment. The C# Minor stamp was inked then blotted with a baby wipe before stamping over the sentiment to give it a more vintage look then. It was then cut with SB Labels Seven and three more blanks the same size. All the edges were distressed with Tea Dye DI. The centers were scored then stacked and glued at the score lines. Foam tape between the pages hold the curve in them. A gold cord was added as a book mark. SB Floral Flourishes and Foliage, MS border punch and ribbon were used on the base card and a silk flower bouquet added to finish.

This small card carries with it my love and appreciation.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept & Oct Down

Good Morning

Hope you are all well and the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here.  It's gorgeous.  Here in the desert it's gotten a little nippy at night but the days have been perfect.    

This card is for our granddaughter who loves all things green.  After cutting a  3 1/2" circle with SB I used an EK Success Corner punch to create my frame.  This is how it's done.  Don't you love it?!  After finishing the card my stamped and embossed sentiment faded into the velum. I've gone over it with a marker.  It looks better IRL.   I've used two pieces of lace side by side, the ribbon hides the seam.

Gosh I love my friends and family but why is it they all have special occasions in Sept, Oct and Nov.  Don't they know I should be getting ready for the holidays?
I took this photo before going to the PO yesterday.  Only eight were mailed but this is my pile for Sept and Oct. 

Thankfully not so many needed for Nov.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Craft Closet

Hi There and Welcome to The Closet.   
This will be picture heavy.  While it is reasonably clean I thought I'd share my little creative spot.  Please forgive the photos it's really difficult getting decent shots in such a small space, 5' X 5'.  No doubt you will notice nothing matches.  No Ikea or Jet Max cubes. The containers were mostly found in thrift shops or at yard sales over the years.  In an attempt to make things a little more pleasing to the eye I have lined the drawers with blue paper or fabric.  I've put the shelves in one at a time as I found bits of scrap wood or shelving.  It's not the prettiest room but it's all mine, it works for me and I love it.

I love this chair.  It's not only comfy but it was free.  And it's BLUE!  A church was tossing it out because the arm rests were broken, easily removed.  I did make a donation but the chair was still free. 

I keep items I seldom use on the two top most shelves, mostly crafts I seldom do any more.  The stuffed animals have been given to me over the years, each holds a special memory of a special person. 

These wire cubes and many more were found at a church yard sale for fifty cents. They are held together with cable ties and hold my papers and stamps.  The white trays were made from foam board scraps given to me by my son and hold wood mount stamps.  The plastic drawers are 12 X 12 scrap book containers from Michael's with the lids removed.  Two hold Christmas supplies, one my white scraps and the other my Cuttlebug plates and acrylic blocks.   The three drawer container holds refills and replacements, blades, adhesives etc.  Over my 8.5 X 11 card stock (stored on it's 8.5 side) are my paper cutters.  Above those are my stamp catalogs and some 12 X 12 pads.  My tea pot holds loose change, behind it are liquids, glues, nail polish remover, etc.  Of course front and center is my ever present coffee cup.  I dare not put in on my desk for fear of knocking it over and making a bloody mess.

The drawers to the left: two hold more ribbon, one envelops, and another cross stitch supplies which I should give away as my eyes can't handle that craft anymore.  The center set of drawers holds my punches.  The top drawer holds Mom's tools, to be used only with permission.  The drawers to the right hold items to be used for craft fair makes.  I really need to line those drawers. Above these are an assortment of items with no special home.

Next to the three drawer container are two MediaMate floppy disc files (a thrift shop find) which are perfect for my 'for sale' cards, larger cards are in the boxes on top.  A set of deco scissors given to me by my lovely neighbor.  Below (a Goodwill find) shelves holding some of my ribbons.  Hiding behind my Sun Light Lamp (another thrift shop find) is more ribbon waiting to find a home.

These boxes are up high above my desk.  They hold more ribbons, (yes I do have a LOT of ribbon but never seem to have the color I need) some extra papers, flowers and stamps I probably will never use but can't part with. 

Directly above my desk:  Jars for ribbon scraps.  The multi- drawer containers were being tossed by by eye doctor.  They hold all things small, bling, charms, jars of EP and some adhesives.  The three draw container holds make up sponges and lots of glues that didn't work for card making. :( I have my lace and fibers in the large ring binders.  Next to those are some of my scraps in two pocket school folders.  I will share how I store the majority of my scraps in a later post.  Those white papers about to fall out are inserts for cards.  And below them are card boxes not yet assembled.  Within easy reach is my ATG.  Not all labeled yet but my clear and cling stamps are in the pestle colored three ring binders.    

My desk is actually an old sewing machine cabinet cover with a scrap piece of wood.  The shelves found at Goodwill were cut to fit and hold my inks.  My DI have all be labeled on the sides but for some reason all the labels are turned away in this photo.  The four little vases cost a $1 for the set.  They hold all my scissors, craft knives, bone holder, glitter glue tubes, glue pen, nail files, etc.  The three drawer container to the right holds tapes, glue sticks, stamp possioner and other often used small items.  The two narrow white containers above it hold cat's eye and Studio G 1 1/2" ink pads.  I LOVE my DuraHeal mat.  My heart nearly stopped when I found it NEW in a thrift shop, it was ridiculously cheap.  And it's BLUE! 


It's not pretty but this shower rack works beautifully to hold my hair straightener, heat and glue guns.  Also my brayer which I have never mastered.  There is no power in the Closet so I ran an extension cord from the bedroom up over the door and attached a surge protector to the wall.  I have my lamps plugged into it.  I love that I can flip the switch when I walk out and if the lamps are off I know nothing else has been left on accidentally.  There is a lamp on the top shelf but I've cut it out of the photo as it caused a glare.  The lamp provides extra light while I work and I sit it on the desk when I photograph my cards.

Behind my chair and in easy reach is my Cuttlebug.  Below it are my dies and my EFs are in the recipe box.  Below those are my paints and assorted other supplies.  Although not all visible in this photo to the left of my Cuttlebug are pencils, markers and paint brushes. 

Above my Cuttlebug is my wall of flowers, including feathers and some other goodies.  The flowers are divided by shape and color into zip bags so they wont get dusty and are so easy to pull out only what I need.  The bottom left pocket holds my back brace although it hasn't been spending much time there of late.  I LOVE this wall!!!  It not only provides a huge amount of storage in a limited space but it's so pretty.  It was in the clearance bin because the packaging was torn. 

I hope you've enjoy the tour and maybe found a idea you can use.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'll share some of my small space storage ideas in another post.
I am entering this in Di's Snippet Challenge as the entire room was put together from scraps, bits and pieces of wood, foam board, fabric and lots of found items.