Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Treasured Memories

Hi There

This Sunday I attended an ‘Orchid Show’. I was disappointed to find it was actually an orchid sale. Oh the limited variety of blossoms were quite beautiful but they were displayed in trays with the plants bunched so close together it was difficult to appreciate them. I suppose I will always be disappointed by orchid shows. 

You see, as I was growing up there was always a magnificent orchid show at the yearly Maui County Fair. It was held in a small, old green building with lath sides. No matter how hot and sunny it was outside it was always cool and dim inside, as in a forest. There was a small waterfall which fed a little stream that wondered around the building. Along the banks of the stream were rocks, green shrubs to represent small trees and at varying levels were glorious orchids, their pots hidden by lush green moss. More orchids hung from the walls growing in coconut husks or on pieces of old tree fern stumps with bits of Grandfather's Beard lichen placed as though it had always been there and in the center of the room an island with more trees, orchids and moss.   The numbers of orchids, the colors and sizes all boggled the mind. 

It all looked like a miniature scene out of nature but to a child more like a scene from a fairytale. It was all at waist level for an adult and I can remember being so little I had to stand on tip toes to see it all. Every year as I grew up I looked forward to the orchid show. It was all like a fantasy land I could escape to for a little while and even as an adult I would not have been the least bit surprised if a fairy had peeked out from behind a rock or a flower. Today there is a McDonald’s where that treasured building of my long ago memories once stood. 

I wish I could share a photo of my memeories but I don't have any instead I found this photo of my very favorite orchid.  It is called the Honohono orchid  ( said Ho like Santa says Ho Ho and No as in well, No, repeat :)  Just looking at the photo I can almost smell it's heavenly scent. 
  Okay Bernie back to the real world, share your cards.

I was commissioned to make two birthdays cards, one pink, one green with a doily, bird and flowers on each and using Hero Arts stamp with this sentiment.  As the stamp was to large, in order fit it all on the front of my cards I printed the sentiment. 

I’ve used S/B Standard Circle, Lacy Circle and Floral Flourishes, SU bird punch and flowers from my stash.

I wish you all a fabulous week.




  1. Well did you buy any at the "show"? My sister is an orchard freak! She has a greenhouse and I believes will go in debt over her "babies" Very much the way we are about our "paper".

    Your cards are beautiful. I love the soft colors and the way you present the sentiment.

  2. Wonderful memories and a lovely orchid. Two beautiful cards the shades of pink and green you have used are marvellous. Love the font you have used on the sentiment.

  3. Hi Bernie, They are both so beautiful and truly elegant xx

  4. Such pretty cards, Bernie. Oh, I can't believe a McDonald's has replaced that magical place for you. Progress???? I think not. Wish you had photos from that wonderful place.

  5. Hi Bernie, Great cards, super design and flowers. I am a fan of orchids too, the colours and shapes are amazing, Gay x

  6. Well I can't decide which color I like better! Both are lovely. And I truly enjoyed reading about your childhood orchid show. Thanks for sharing that. Now gotta go check your other goodies...not been able to surf the playground blogs for past couple days. Too many dr. visits at our house. I'm getting tired of that! (this week, not for ME...for the DHster). Hugs.

  7. Your cards are both really darling, Bernie! But the picture you painted with your words of the orchid garden from your childhood, now that was stunning! I could see it all in my mind's eye, so thank you for sharing!

    I can understand your disappointment at not being able to see anything close to it in adulthood, but how blessed you are to be able to simply close your eyes and be back in paradise!!

  8. Two beautiful cards Bernie, both colourways look great. I love orchids too. Carol x


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