Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas Planners

Hi There!

WOW It's October!  On one hand this year seems to have dragged on forever and on the other I feel as though I've missed most of it while caring for Jim.  Thankfully he is doing much better and doesn't need my constant attention so I've been enjoying working playing in the Closet.

Most of the holiday bazaars I did last year were badly organized and with little advertising very poorly attended. As a result my sales were less then stellar and I do have quite a few leftovers. This year I have been invited to a larger, well organized and always well advertised CRAFT FAIR. I am truly excited to be in the company of true artisans and do hope for much better sales.

These Christmas Planners are some of last years leftovers as so few sold. I am hopeful they will sell this year.

Although time consuming these are quite easy to make out of a file folder and DP.  Since it would probably take longer for you to read how these were made I invite you to view this fun, speeded up video.  No jibber jabber just festive music.  I don’t own a Crop-A-Dile, instead I’ve used Velcro closers stitched under the bows.

These simple Christmas Planners have sold well in the past so why not make more. :)  They are altered mini composition books, covered with Christmas snippets, bits of ribbon and punched snowflakes. I can’t remember where I found the label as I’ve had it in my files for some time. 

I thought I would share this slide show with you.   It shows some of the fires here in Eastern WA.  These photos were taken quite a bit north of us but the fires extend along the Cascade range south to our area.  Thankfully we can not see the flames from our home and unlike the homes shown here we are in no danger.  We are enjoying another beautifully clear day as the breezes continue to blow the smoke out of our area.  Sadly the air quality in the area these photos were taken remains Hazordous. 
ETS:  Although the breezes are blowing the smoke out of our area and we are in no danger the fires are still burning here as they are in the slide show.
Have a Fabulous Day!


  1. Those Christmas planners are great, Bernie. I'm thinking you are going to have successful sales this year.

    Oh, those fires are so scary. I'm so glad they're moving away from you and the smoke is leaving. Glad you shared the photos.

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  3. Hi Bernie, They are totally stunning another string to you bow!! nice to hear the fires are moving away must still be pretty scary though take care! x

  4. Those Planners are gorgeous and I am surprised they didn't sell they are so nice. I wish you well this year!
    Good news on the fire front.

  5. Your planners are awesome! Hope they sell well this year. I went to a stamp convention a couple of weeks ago and hardly anyone showed up. Maybe it's just the general hard times people are having right now.

  6. Bernie, these turned out fabulous! Love them!

  7. Good luck with the sales this year, Bernie. Your planners are really darling and should sell if the crowds come out! So sorry to hear the fires are still burning.

  8. Bernie, thanks for the video links, and will check 'em out. I'm very thankful for ya'll, that your air quality is improving a bit, and that you are in no danger. These planners are adorable. Don't see why they won't go fast. You done good, girl! Enjoy your craft show...wish I could come to it. Maybe one of these days!!!! Hugs & TFS

  9. Just watched the video and these are fab little planners. Hope you manage to sell them this year. Hugs Mrs A.


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