Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Got Nothing For You ;)

I have something to share from the Just for Fun department today. A Jar of Nothing. Well I have a dozen or so actually.

Every year Jim says he wants nothing for Christmas then torments me wanting to know what I got him. Last year I Goggled ‘the perfect gag gift for someone who wants nothing‘. The first thing to come up was a Jar of Nothing. I quickly typed and printed the label. No decorations just slapped the plain label on a small jar and handed it to him. To my surprise he absolutely love it. Everyone who saw it thought it was brilliant and suggested I decorate jars and sell them at the craft fairs.

My neighbor saved her little granddaughter’s baby food jars for me. Thanks Carol! I printed the labels which say: A Jar of Nothing on the front and on the back:

You could have asked of anything --- a new car--- a vacation--- a new computer, anything your heart desired but NOOOO you said
Well, I searched high and low and here it is a jar full of NOTHING.


I dug in to my fabric stash, from a time when Methuselah and I quilted together and found a variety of snippets large enough to cut in to circles using pinking shears. Bits of ribbon or raffia saved from a gift received years ago, an assortment of decorations including some tiny bells I found in a thrift shop.  Even some snippets of paper to highlight some of the labels.  I've got on my wet weather gear and I'm off to share these with the lovelies over at Di's virtual playground.  Come join the fun but watch out for the duck pond.       

The air is amazingly clear today. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful our bright blue skies can be, I'd still rather we had some rain.  The fires are still burning but we have been blessed with somewhat cooler weather (summer isn't giving up without a fight), higher humidity and gentle breezes which have cleared the air. We all know as soon as the breezes stop the smoke will return but we will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

I saw a firefighter in the market a few days ago. Poor guy was so exhausted he looked like death warmed over. A few of us thanked him for what he has been doing and called him a hero. He blushed beet red but walked out holding his head a bit higher and with a smile on his face. So very glad we did it, I am sure knowing he is appreciated did him a world of good.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week and hoping Mother Nature will be kind to you.




  1. These are fabulous Bernie and what a great use of all those snippets. Carol x

  2. Hi Bernie

    Your jar of nothing makes really made me smile and reminded me of my late Dad.

    Mum used to ask him what he wanted for his dinner and he would reply "oat" (as in anything).

    One day she served him a bowl of porridge oats for his dinner. He repliedj "what's this?!?!?".

    Mum said "You asked for "oat" and that is what you've got. Poor Dad wasn't impressed LOL!!

    Hope you have had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  3. ah Bernie always think it is important to let folk know all about their great work they do so willing and thank them fo t!! and do like you cute idea - thanks for popping over! Shaz in Oz.x

  4. What a clever idea, Bernie! They are adorable with your fabric circle snippet tops and jingle bells!! They would be a hot item at a holiday boutique or fundraiser!

    Glad you got a chance to see some blue sky and to thank that firefighter for his services. I've still got my fingers crossed for rain for you!

  5. Ha...this is too cute and I love the story of how they came about.
    These should be hot items for selling.

    So glad you all thanked the fireman for his hard has to lift their spirits and I'm sure they need lifting by now.

  6. What a super-clever idea Bernie - and so well made tto. Hope they fly when you have your sales. Di xx

  7. Hello Bernie - your story really made me chuckle - the the decorated jars are great. Hope the blue sky and breezes stay with you this week. Lynn x

  8. Bernie, this is brilliant idea. Love it so much! I probably should stop saying I want nothing for Christmas/birthday :) But thanks to you I have perfect gift idea to them who also wants nothing from me :)
    Thank you!
    Hugs, Eret

  9. Oh my gosh Bernie this is great! I am going to have to make this for my husband! You did a fabulous job with these!

  10. What a GREAT idea Bernie. Bet they sell well at the craft fair!

    Glad you have at least some temporary respite from the bad air.

    Sarn xxx

  11. Bernie, your Jim is great. Love these jars. They are gonna sell for sure. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Just adorable, and what a clever idea. You did a great job pretty-ing up these jars, and they ought to sell out real fast. Again, so glad you got some blue sky to enjoy and a bit of better air. Bet it did you good to get outside and be able to BREATHE! Hugs.


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