Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You Canada

Thank you all for you lovely comments on my little cakes.  I do hope they will sell.  Cute can be a double edged sword.  Cute either sells out or can be the kiss of death.  Can't tell you how often I've heard people say Oh How Cute then walk off.  Time will tell.   
In a normal fire season neighboring states will send equipment and personnel to help us and we do the same for them. This year each state has so many fires no one has an extra body to spare. I don’t know the numbers for other states but there are a mind boggling 240 or so fires raging in the state of WA alone.   300 more homes have been evacuated and now three fire fighters have been injured on the job. 

Yesterday firefighters from Canada began arriving to lend our exhausted and over worked firefighters a helping hand. 
Thank you Canada and God bless you. 
If you would say a prayer for all firefighters and home owners in harms way and even for a bit of rain it would be greatly appreciated.


My card today is for my sister who is still peeling that onion.  It's quite simple. Colored with pencils and cut with SB Label Seven with just a bit out side the box. The sentiment was computer generated and cut by hand. I won this stamp from my blog friend Winnie well over a year ago.  Shame on me for never using it before.  
I've used yellow because Sis knows I was blessed or should I say cursed with a seventies harvest gold bathroom. Maybe that’s why I don’t care for and seldom use yellows.  What were they thinking when they came up with those dreadful colors and to use them on expensive household fixtures was truly insane.   How did they convince people to actually buy them?  Me thinks there was a lotta smoking going on at the time.  

Have a fabulous day.




  1. Fabulous card Bernie. Beautifully coloured. Really cute image. I know what you mean about cute being the kiss of death. I cannot sell cute at all. The "in" colour here in the 70's was avocado green!!!! - maybe the gold wasn't so bad!

  2. Cute card, that you did the gold bathroom fixture. Colors come and go. You never know where that harvest gold will return again and be a huge hit. :-)

  3. How adorable Bernie! Laughed about the bathroom, you've tole me that one previously :)

    Agree about not being a cat lover. I'm the same but any pet does leave a huge hole. Drat, excuse me, must fly - next door's flipping cat is digging a hole in the garden ready to leave a calling card. Why don't they use their own patch huh?!?!?!
    hugs, Di xx

  4. How sweet, Bernie! I like yellow, but I never had to live with a Harvest Gold bathroom. Something else to be thankful for!

  5. Bernie, I commented last night, but my provider must have been acting up, as I don't see it here, so I'll try once more. Lovely card, as I adore the House Mouse images. Great job on the coloring too. I remember the avocado green, pepto bismal pink colors being hot at the same time as the harvest gold. Is why I have white now!!! TFS & prayers for your fires & firemen. Sorry to hear your sis is still having to deal with tht onion. Hope it gets better soon. HUGS

  6. It's about time. Geesh!!! Just kidding. I haven't inked mine up yet either. I like how you incorporated your own bathroom into it. Too funny!

  7. Hahaha! That's hysterical, Bernie! I might have had a toke or two back in the day, but believe me, even then I hated my avocado appliances!! (I think all the designers were men in those days and they all despised women!)

    Having said that, I have to say I do love your card and so will your dear sister. (And interestingly enough, shades of green are favorites to me now!?) Of course, those little meesies are so adorable, you could layer them on ...

    Happy thoughts of strength and perserverance are winging their way into the universe for Sissy and for those courageous firefighters and folks affected by the fires! Hard to believe we have to pray for rain for Washington, but it shall be done.

  8. Ouch a harvest gold bathroom! That's like the avacido green siding on our house and burnt orange kitchen. Yes that would be 70's remodel.

    Darling card!!!!

  9. Yikes!!! a harvest gold bathroom, here it was advocado back then, yep I did have one... Cute card I love green! Prayers sent for rain & to keep all safe... Hugs may x x x

  10. Hi Bernie

    A lovely card for your Sister.

    Your yellow bathroom suite made me smile remembering all the strange colours that my friends had in their bathrooms in the 70's. Dusky pink, pale turquoise, green .. .. and I was a little envious as I was always stuck with a boring white one wherever we lived.

    We re-vamped our bathroom a couple of years ago and what colour did I choose .. .. yep .. .. white LOL!!!

    I hope you had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  11. This is so cute Bernie, love the sweet image... me too got some stamps which I still haven't used he he so you're not alone and love the colours too, though can't imagine a yellow gold bathroom, have to yet see one :) and sorry to hear about all the fires still going on over there, I hope they will be put out soon and all will be safe. Hugs xxx

  12. This is sweet Bernie, love the image. Glad to hear Jim is doing okay all things considered. Carol x

  13. Gorgeous card there Bernie. I will swap you for my kitchen if you like. My hairdresser loves it as it looks "retro"!! Brown (kraft kinda brown) with orange flowers on. So 70s and floor to ceiling so to get them off will be one heck of a job (and money)!! Definately smoking something!!!

  14. Our bathroom is in the peacock blue which was the other choice to avocado green when our house was built. No money to change it over the years and have alternated from loving it to hating it over the years. Hugs mrs a.


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