Sunday, September 9, 2012

Small Space Storage Ideas - Photographing Cards and More

Hello Again;
It's still hit and miss with me scheduling post but I'll figure it out eventually.  Today I am sharing some storage ideas.  I've spent more hours then I care to admit searching the Web for small space storage ideas, these are not my own ideas but each suits my needs.  True to form I've adapted each in the cheapest way possible.  
I don't remember where I first saw this idea but I think it's brilliant. I store all of my papers in either in 8.5 X 11 or 12 X 12 page protectors.  I store my scraps in the same PP as their full sheet counterparts.  This keeps me from being tempted to cut into a new sheet and keeps everything dust free as well.   
Two sided paper in 12 X 12 PP
I am not always so diligent about retuning scraps to their proper PP, when I'm not I file like colors in two pocket school folders.

This is a work in progress.  I had all of my long ribbon scraps wound on doll pins and although the jars looked pretty they took up far to much real estate and what I wanted was always at the very bottom of the jar.  I've begun to wrap my ribbons including full rolls around chip board.  It's freed up so very much space, I just love it. 
Clear and Cling Stamps
I've trimmed off the bottoms of zip bags, trimmed old file folders to fit in them, punched thru the entire lot and placed them in three ring binders.  I then slip my clear and or cling stamp sets into the bags, the zip lock keeps them from falling out. 

I store my Sizzlets and some other dies in a simple album I've made.  The cover is made from a cereal box covered with blue gift wrap and decorated with butterflies.  Of course.  :)    I've trimmed baseball card sleeves to hold a set of Sizzlets per page and include the packaging for easy reference.  I store my SB dies in CD cases but the ones that don't fit in those those are in zip bags in the same album. 

Photographing cards:
I have tried photographing cards in every possible spot in the house, constructed light boxes, light tents and braved the outdoors, none of it worked.  I saw this somewhere on the Web and it works beautifully nearly every time.
 Two pieces of CS, a Sun Light Lamp, an Ott lamp, the proper camera settings and a little help from Picasa with cropping.  Wa La, Easy Peasy.
Nothing very fancy but each idea works for me.  And should anyone wonder about the cost of those 12 X 12 PP to a tight wad like me:  I found a gigantic box full in a thrift shop for next to nothing.  The original idea was to use 2 gallon zip bags from The Dollar Store.  I buy the 8.5 X 11 PP during the Back To School sales at Wal-Mart.
And finally I found this fabulous post on ATG First Aid.  Must see, brilliant ideas.


  1. Good job, Bernie. I sometimes think we crafters love being organized as much as we love the crafting...I do, anyway. It's hard to work when I feel that I can't find anything. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Oh I DID enjoy this post. Some good ideas here, and if they were not your own to begin, you sure did a great adaptation. Especially like the one about the ziplock bags. I need you to come sort through my papers, get 'em in the shape you have yours you can find what you want when needed. Will also have to try the 'lightbox' setup is not working very well at the moment!!! (could be the operator too...not just the setup). Thanks for sharing these ideas and the weblink. Will check it out. Hugs

  3. Fabulous storage ideas Bernie, Love the scrap paper one & stamp storage... Brilliant Hugs May x x

  4. Bernie, great ideas. I always start out organized and fall into a happy mess somewhere during crafting. You, my dear have it down to a science! Thanks for playing along with my won't be long now until the winner is chosen. Good luck!

  5. ah Bernie some superb ideas here love it - thanks for sharing!
    Oh and bye the bye we store our ribbon the same and also have folder for unmounted stamps! I have one Sizzlit die but might make a folder for it and ones like them like Marianne, Nellie Snellen dies etc. have more of them and they are in zip lock bag at present, God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

  6. Cool post, Bernie. I LOVE the tip about the zip lock bags! I use binders for storage so that's brilliant! Thanks for the linkie, too! I'll check it out.

  7. Nice post! I love the ideas that you are sharing to us. I hope that I can do all those beautiful stuff because I'm looking for something that is worth trying. Thanks again.

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