Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Craft Closet

Hi There and Welcome to The Closet.   
This will be picture heavy.  While it is reasonably clean I thought I'd share my little creative spot.  Please forgive the photos it's really difficult getting decent shots in such a small space, 5' X 5'.  No doubt you will notice nothing matches.  No Ikea or Jet Max cubes. The containers were mostly found in thrift shops or at yard sales over the years.  In an attempt to make things a little more pleasing to the eye I have lined the drawers with blue paper or fabric.  I've put the shelves in one at a time as I found bits of scrap wood or shelving.  It's not the prettiest room but it's all mine, it works for me and I love it.

I love this chair.  It's not only comfy but it was free.  And it's BLUE!  A church was tossing it out because the arm rests were broken, easily removed.  I did make a donation but the chair was still free. 

I keep items I seldom use on the two top most shelves, mostly crafts I seldom do any more.  The stuffed animals have been given to me over the years, each holds a special memory of a special person. 

These wire cubes and many more were found at a church yard sale for fifty cents. They are held together with cable ties and hold my papers and stamps.  The white trays were made from foam board scraps given to me by my son and hold wood mount stamps.  The plastic drawers are 12 X 12 scrap book containers from Michael's with the lids removed.  Two hold Christmas supplies, one my white scraps and the other my Cuttlebug plates and acrylic blocks.   The three drawer container holds refills and replacements, blades, adhesives etc.  Over my 8.5 X 11 card stock (stored on it's 8.5 side) are my paper cutters.  Above those are my stamp catalogs and some 12 X 12 pads.  My tea pot holds loose change, behind it are liquids, glues, nail polish remover, etc.  Of course front and center is my ever present coffee cup.  I dare not put in on my desk for fear of knocking it over and making a bloody mess.

The drawers to the left: two hold more ribbon, one envelops, and another cross stitch supplies which I should give away as my eyes can't handle that craft anymore.  The center set of drawers holds my punches.  The top drawer holds Mom's tools, to be used only with permission.  The drawers to the right hold items to be used for craft fair makes.  I really need to line those drawers. Above these are an assortment of items with no special home.

Next to the three drawer container are two MediaMate floppy disc files (a thrift shop find) which are perfect for my 'for sale' cards, larger cards are in the boxes on top.  A set of deco scissors given to me by my lovely neighbor.  Below (a Goodwill find) shelves holding some of my ribbons.  Hiding behind my Sun Light Lamp (another thrift shop find) is more ribbon waiting to find a home.

These boxes are up high above my desk.  They hold more ribbons, (yes I do have a LOT of ribbon but never seem to have the color I need) some extra papers, flowers and stamps I probably will never use but can't part with. 

Directly above my desk:  Jars for ribbon scraps.  The multi- drawer containers were being tossed by by eye doctor.  They hold all things small, bling, charms, jars of EP and some adhesives.  The three draw container holds make up sponges and lots of glues that didn't work for card making. :( I have my lace and fibers in the large ring binders.  Next to those are some of my scraps in two pocket school folders.  I will share how I store the majority of my scraps in a later post.  Those white papers about to fall out are inserts for cards.  And below them are card boxes not yet assembled.  Within easy reach is my ATG.  Not all labeled yet but my clear and cling stamps are in the pestle colored three ring binders.    

My desk is actually an old sewing machine cabinet cover with a scrap piece of wood.  The shelves found at Goodwill were cut to fit and hold my inks.  My DI have all be labeled on the sides but for some reason all the labels are turned away in this photo.  The four little vases cost a $1 for the set.  They hold all my scissors, craft knives, bone holder, glitter glue tubes, glue pen, nail files, etc.  The three drawer container to the right holds tapes, glue sticks, stamp possioner and other often used small items.  The two narrow white containers above it hold cat's eye and Studio G 1 1/2" ink pads.  I LOVE my DuraHeal mat.  My heart nearly stopped when I found it NEW in a thrift shop, it was ridiculously cheap.  And it's BLUE! 


It's not pretty but this shower rack works beautifully to hold my hair straightener, heat and glue guns.  Also my brayer which I have never mastered.  There is no power in the Closet so I ran an extension cord from the bedroom up over the door and attached a surge protector to the wall.  I have my lamps plugged into it.  I love that I can flip the switch when I walk out and if the lamps are off I know nothing else has been left on accidentally.  There is a lamp on the top shelf but I've cut it out of the photo as it caused a glare.  The lamp provides extra light while I work and I sit it on the desk when I photograph my cards.

Behind my chair and in easy reach is my Cuttlebug.  Below it are my dies and my EFs are in the recipe box.  Below those are my paints and assorted other supplies.  Although not all visible in this photo to the left of my Cuttlebug are pencils, markers and paint brushes. 

Above my Cuttlebug is my wall of flowers, including feathers and some other goodies.  The flowers are divided by shape and color into zip bags so they wont get dusty and are so easy to pull out only what I need.  The bottom left pocket holds my back brace although it hasn't been spending much time there of late.  I LOVE this wall!!!  It not only provides a huge amount of storage in a limited space but it's so pretty.  It was in the clearance bin because the packaging was torn. 

I hope you've enjoy the tour and maybe found a idea you can use.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'll share some of my small space storage ideas in another post.
I am entering this in Di's Snippet Challenge as the entire room was put together from scraps, bits and pieces of wood, foam board, fabric and lots of found items.   



  1. All looks so tidy and everything in its place. Unlike my total mess. Should really have a tidy up but then I'd have to stop crafting to find time to do it so catch 22!!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. What a brilliant snippet entry for the playground .. .. love your craft space.

    So well organised and some brilliant storage ideas. You use your space brilliantly!

    I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Love your thinking Bernie and would love to come and rummage around in your closet. As Jules says you use your space brilliantly. Carol x

  4. Hi Bernie--does not matter how big or small your craft room is --- the important thing is that you have a place to go and CREATE! LOVE all the thrift store/used items from church sales---I agree---save $$$ for supplies or the must-have-but-did-not-know-I-needed-it stuffs... Nice area and you are very organized!! I LOVE labels---otherwise I would put things away never to be seen again!! We would all love a total IKEA room but who can afford it? And how boring would that be?? Your room is truly you and nice job! Candee P my blog is:

  5. Oh wow Bernie, what space you have and once more lots of goodies too!! it must of taken ages to sort through and l have to say its a fantastic job looking so organised and labels too on the draws and boxes you have a brilliant craft space there and if l had half that l would be really happy, thank you for sharing this xx

  6. Phew Bernie, you do have TONS of stuff - so organised too. Hugs, Di xx

  7. Oh can you come organize mine so neatly please. I have a small space too and I am not effectively getting things organized I am afraid! :-) Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day and Jim is doing well!

  8. Wow . . .that is ORGANISED. Brilliant.
    That makes you in charge of the INTERIOR of the Snippets Playground tree house then!

    Sarn xxx

  9. What a fabulous room Bernie, love that you have made use of every ounce of space and filled it with repurposed furniture too. I have an old chair, desk and cupboard in my room too and although they aren't a perfect fit I wouldnt change them. Thank you for showing us around. Hugs, Amanda x

  10. Love your closet Bernie, I'll play in yours then you can come over and play at mine... That would be fun... I love it... you have used all the space around you and that's what I tired to do with my room this time!!! thank you for your lovely comment... Hugs May x x x

  11. Totally love your space Bernie. Don't ever say it is not pretty. I think it is pretty and organized. I love that you found items no one else could use and repurposed them for something useful and better. You have everything at your fingertips and that is the way I like to craft. Bigger is not always better. Very organized, very nicely done. Hats of to you my girl. Great job. Thanks for you comments on my blog. I appreciate your visit. Blessing, Linda

  12. Just as I imagined, you are neat and organized and your Closet is cozy and efficient!! Well done, Bernie! I enjoyed the tour very much. You are a girl after my own heart with all the wonderful thrift store finds!!

  13. Enjoyed the tour! You have it organized so well...and I love all the nifty finds you have made. You have the wonderful eye to 'see it, know how I'll use it'. I especially liked the way you did the power strip...Great idea. I had a sewing room in a closet once-upon-a-time. You have things so well organized, it's all right at your finger tips, and you can craft instead of spending time hunting all over for it! TFS.

  14. My goodness, it is amazing what all you can put in that closet and it is really neat and organized. Good job, Bernie!! Thanks for sharing your craft area.

  15. This is such a great setup. I wish I was just half as organized as you.

  16. Wow, it's amazing how you can organise and fit so much into a 5' space! I love your ribbon reels together and your lovely flower wall. You've got so many amazing storage ideas for how to maximise use of your space. Thanks for letting us have a peek into your closet!

  17. Bernie, Thank you for sharing this! I just love the way you store your flowers! I have been meaning to go buy one of these shoe holders for my punches, but I like your idea better. Signed up to follow you after seeing your fabulous book card to Mary! I Love that card so much. I have those SB labels and have yet been able to figure a way to use them. I would love it if you would visit my blog too.
    I will be showing some space saving ideas coming up and my own thrift store finds (completely different from yours). I am also having a giveaway on my blog right now and trying to get followers. Would love it if you would come by an follow me. Hugs Lori


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