Monday, May 16, 2011

It’s Soooo Cute

I will hug him and pet him and I will name him George. That old cartoon of Hugo the Abdominal Snowman hugging Daffy Duck in a bunny suit came to mind when I opened the box to my new Cuttlebug. It’s so sweet. For someone who started out using embossing folders in a pasta machine then the original Sizzix found in a thrift shop you must know I am thrilled.   Thank you Jim for my lovely birthday gift. 
Have An Amazing Day!



  1. Oh Bernie, how wonderful - your very own George, and a first posting! Feel free to delete my test ones, seems like you might already be flying solo honey! Hugs, Di xx

  2. Is GEORGE your name for your new Cuttlebug? I haven't named mine . . . YET!

    Congrats on joing Blogland. I hope you have lots of fun . . .

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. Lol love what you said about using a pasta maker how ingenious love it welcome to blog land I am now a follower of your so you have 1 more to your list and if ever you get stuck with anything if Di can't help then just shout oh and I remember that cartoon too lol
    Jacki xx


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