Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi There

Hope you are all having a lovely day. I woke in the wee hours of the morning to the unmistakable scent of a skunk. Have you ever noticed how a scent can bring on vivid memories? That scent took me back to the first time I ever smelled a skunk.

I was on field training as part of Basic Training in the Women’s Army Corps . Although I am proud of my service, I was a WAC and nothing remotely like the amazing women soldiers serving today.

Our field training was more of a camping trip and all rather silly. Part of our training was to follow a course thru the woods using only a compass to guide us. I was born directionally challenged and in spite of the Army’s best efforts I never learned how to use that compass and still get lost regularly.

I’d failed every written test regarding that compass so my sergeant fully expected me to get hopelessly lost. Imagine her shocked surprise when I emerged from the woods at the proper spot and in record time. It wasn’t until the day after graduation that I finally confessed how I‘d managed it. As I stood in front of that first marker having no idea how to read that compass and no clue what to do next I noticed a path.  I took the chance and it did lead me to the next marker.   Hundreds of women had been on that course before me, it was a simple matter of following their well worn path.  :)  Thankfully I did not run into that skunk but I did smell it.

For my card today I tired the emboss resist technique for the first time. I stamped the Seaside C Minor stamp with VersaMark on white cardstock then heat embossed with clear EP. I’ve sponged over it with Wild Honey DI and a no name green ink by Rubber Stampede and the edges with Vintage Photo DI. The sentiment is another thrift shop find made by D.O.Ts. A band of grosgrain ribbon and some recollection pearls to finish.

I’m off to share in the playground at Di’s Pixes Crafty Snippets Challenge 22

Check out my candy here.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. This is great - I love the emboss resist on it and the lovely colours you've used. M x

  2. This looks fab Bernie, great job on the resist embossing. Carol x

  3. Great card Bernie. I have never tried the resist technique but now I am going to have to give it a go. Love the colours you have used.

  4. This is so beautiful Bernie, oh that must of been some smell!! xx

  5. Brilliant card Bernie - love the resist embossing too. And I did laugh about you being directionally challenged, remind me never to take a road trip with you as I'm just the same! Never smelt skunk scent - I guess I wouldn't want to either?

    Love, Di xx

    1. Di you'd know it if you smelled it. I knew what it was without being told. It's not to bad if it's off in a distance.

  6. Great card Bernie, and love the resist technique. Thank you for making me giggle with your story.

  7. Oh, I am directionally challenged, too. Love your story.

    Your card is great. I just tried an emboss resist a few days ago. I thought it turned out pretty well but there was a problem and don't know if I will upload it. I want to do another soon.

  8. Love your card. Never tried to do this resist technique. Think I need a few drink before I try!!!! Hugs mrs a.

  9. Love it Bernie... Fab job on the emboss resist... Great post made me have a giggle!!! Hugs May x x x

  10. Super card. YOu did a fantastic job with the resist embossing, and if this is your first try...well WOWSERS! You passed THIS test with flying colors. Thanks for the story and for sharing the card. Love to read about someone's memories. Congrats again on winning the Rudolph prize.

  11. Wow that resist embossing is fab, love the colours too. Have never smelt a skunk but can imagine it being very pungent. I have however smelt a raccoon spray and tha was very bad indeed lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  12. Great card and a great tale.

  13. Well done for trying out a technique. You've certainly cracked it. I chuckled at your navigation skills, sorry! Great use of yor commonsense to find the way back though! 10/10! xxx

  14. Love to hear your stories! I admire you! I giggled at your resourceful strategy! :-)))

    Love your card! That sentiment is gorgeous as your background!

  15. Your card is gorgeous! You did a fab job with the emboss resist technique, and that diagonal ribbon is so pretty. Loved the compass story! Who cares that you didn't use the compass--you used your brain instead--much better! :D


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