Friday, May 3, 2013

Fabulous News!

Hello Sweet Blog Friends

I’ve learned my tumor has shrunk 50%!!!!! Praise God !!!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see my old and new CAT scans side by side. I was the one to say it shrank 50%, doctor said it could even be a little more and it’s more then likely it will continue to shrink over the coming months.

I am sorry for being gone for so long and not responding to e mails. No one tells you that your treatments will affect every system in your body. I didn’t realize it until I began to recover. I feel like each system is slowly coming back on line one at a time. Internal organs first. I can tell you I am happy to finally have my blood pressure at a normal level. Mine was dangerously low for quite a long time. Happy to report I am eating well and have put on a few pounds. At the moment my nervous system is trying to heal it’s self, I have the shakes, not a nice feeling. My vision has been affected as well. I have tried to keep up with your blogs but can only stay on line for brief periods before my vision gets blurry. I think the last to heal will be my skin. The radiation burns have healed but the rest of my skin is so very, very dry.

Although I don’t think I look at all well, my family, friends, neighbors, the nurses and my doctor all tell me I look so very much better then I did when this all began. I am slowly getting better but doctor says it’ll take quite a bit longer before I feel my old self.

I will have more blood work and see my oncologist in a week, and learn if I’ll need more Chemo or not. God willing I wont. If I need it I will of course take it but I’m only just starting to feel well and sure would hate to have to start over again besides I‘d really like to be able to create again.

I’ll be back next week to report if I do or don’t need more Chemo. I thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Be well, take care of yourselves.

Love, Hugs & Blessings



  1. I've just popped onto blogger and your post was right at the top - and what great news to hear that your tumour has shrunk so much. You're constantly in my prayers :)

  2. Bernie, that's such wonderful news. I just happened to see your post as I was doing some commenting. Oh, I sure hope you won't need more chemo. I think of you often and pray you continue improving at a fast pace.

  3. Oh Bernie, this is brilliant news! Still sending loads of love and positive thoughts your way. Big hugs, Di xx

  4. Fabulous news Bernie. I am so pleased. I hope no more chemo is needed but regardless you are in my prayers every night anyway. Take care.

  5. Hi Bernie, Oh that's amazing news l'm so pleased all is going well and l hope you don't need to have more chemo, it's also lovely that your able to update us with your news l know its must still be tiring for you but it really is lovely to hear your news take care and your in my prayers all the time xx

  6. so pleased that all is going so well, fingers crossed you wont need more chemo
    ,thoughts and prayer are with you

  7. What wonderful news to read this afternoon, and truly, God be praised. I was so happy to see you had posted. You just do what you have to do, to get back to your normal self, and know that all your followers will be waiting on you, when you are ready to share with us! Many hugs, positive thinking and continuing prayers to encourage you on this life's journey! Enjoy what you can, rest when you need to, and don't worry about blogging! (or reading posts unless you feel like it!!).

  8. So glad to hear this great news...more than half the battle has been won!!!

    Prayers said here Bernie for your continued success. Sounds like Jim has been so a rock for it is time for both of you to catch your breath and relax a teensy bit, if possible!

  9. It is such a delight to see a post from you Bernie! Will keep this short because of your vision. Love you and am praying for you both! It's a celebration to hear that your evil cancer is at least 50% gone! Soldier on! We've got your back! Big (gentle) hugs, Darnell

  10. Hello Bernie

    I am so happy to see you posting once more, way to go Bernie. It's wonderful news. Keeping everythig crossed for you.
    Take good care of yourself and Jim.

  11. That is such wonderful news Bernie!! Yes it will take time before your are back to yourself. I know what it is like to have the shakes, as I have Lupus in my Central Nervous system and get the shakes. I think our prayers have been answered for you, but I will continue to pray for you because I don't want you to have to do chemo again!! Hugs from Gettysburg!

  12. Wonderful, wonderful news Bernie....I'm so pleased to read it. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news next week too and sending lots of gentle hugs and healing vibes. Carol x

  13. What wonderful news Bernie! I am so so happy for you, in fact I am crying for you, tears of joy! Praise the Lord indeed.
    I pray for your continuing return to health and hope to see you crafting very soon.
    Sending you and Jim hugs.

  14. What fantastic news! Go, you, I'm so happy for you! Thank you, God, who answers prayer! I'll continue to pray for you of course!

    With love and hugs

    Mags B x

  15. Hey Bernie, Just poppin' by to check on you, and praying all is going ok. You're in my thoughts & prayers. Many cyber hugs.

  16. Bernie - just stopping by to say Hi and hope that all is well with you . Take care.

  17. I heard from your sister Lori today, my dear sweet friend Bernie, Rest in peace - you were and still are very precious.


    Di xxx


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