Monday, October 3, 2011

I’m back!

Hi There Blog Friends

I hope you are all well. Thank you all for your concern and well wishes. Jim and I are doing fine.

It seems blogger is acting up again. I have not been able to comment on several of your blogs. Rest assured I have been dropping by and will comment as soon as I am able to do so again.

Look at what I’ve been up too! 

My hair dresser asked me to make up a few sample baby shower invitations. I gave her six to pick from. I must have been out of my mind when I offer her one with TWELVE layers! It really was the cutest one of the bunch but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I nearly lost the will to live before I finally finished them. Thankfully they are all done and ready to be delivered.

The little ducks are from Spellbinders Nursery Time set.  I thought it was Soooo cute until I had to run it thru the Cuttlebug 75 times!  Rather then run them thru another 75 time to emboss them I simply used my stylus from the back then turned them over and colored the wing and eye with my Bic marker.  I died my bakers twine to match with the same Bic marker. 
This was my first time making invitations.  Lessons learned are always priceless. The most important lesson is Never Ever offer anything with so many layers and nearly as important, my time is valuable and I should charge for it no matter how sweet the customer is.

My Mojo is back and so is my enthusiasm.  Yippee!  I’ll be back tomorrow with something completely different to share. I promise you it wont be yellow or green and it definitely will not have any stinking cute little ducks on it. 

Have an Amazing Day!

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  1. Oh Bernie, welcome back honey, I'm almost crying with laughter here about those stinking/struck through ducks!! I can count the twelve layers and you must have certainly been losing the will to live - but they're truly gorgeous cards.More postings please, it's great to have you back - I sent you an email earlier - this posting of yours has lifted my spirits no end - I'll be smiling about the ducks all day now. Love and hugs, Di xxxx

  2. Hi Bernie, nice to hear your both doing well its always nice to hear good news, your invite cards are gorgeous, lovely colour and great for shower cards :) Sandra H

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Hey, Pixie Dust Paperie is having a giveaway, please come join in the fun!

  4. Yay these are so so cute.. I looove that duck, so sweet.. and well done on doing all those cards!! Wow. I would have given up. Hugs Dora xxx

  5. Well, I just had a huge laugh...what a funny post. Oh, but your cards are just adorable.


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