Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tickled Pink!

Hi There Everyone;
I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  It is a beautiful day here.  I actually got up because the sun was shinning in my window this morning.  Loving it!

I am so thrilled, Elizabeth has awarded me the Leibster blog award!!! Thank you so much Elizabeth.  I'm in awe that anyone would find my little blog so interesting but I am delighted.   Please pop over to Elizabeth’s marvelous blog.  I am sure you will enjoy h
er cards and projects as much as I do, they are always lovely and so inspiring and its always a joy to hear about her trips and lovely family and to see the fabulous photos she shares.

The idea of the award is that it be given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in the hope that it will bring them new friends and followers.

It has very simple rules and they are as follows:

1 Show your appreciation of the award by thanking the person who awarded you and link back to their blog.
2 Reveal your five choices for the award and let them know.
3 Post the award on your blog.
4 Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blog sphere - other bloggers.
5 Finally and best of all - have fun and spread the love.

The blogs I've chosen are listed below. Click on over to their sites and take a look! This was no easy task as there are so many lovely ladies out there who inspire me in so many ways.

Brenda of Benzi Stamps is a Southern Bell. Women from Alabama all seem have a certain delicate charm and Brenda’s cards convey that charm. I am always inspired by her use of color and dies.

Cindy at Creating With Heart is a high school librarian, wife, mother of 4, card maker, scrapbooker and an avid reader. She inspires me to craft because as busy as she is, somehow she manages to find time for crafting and sharing her lovely creations with us daily.  

I’ve only recently ‘met’ Laura at Lozadoodle. She is in her final year at university studying to be a children's nurse. I don't know how she manages to get her studies done and create as well.  Only 21 and so very talented.

I’ve never met Sandra H of Namagramps but somehow I just know she is one of those people who makes everyone feel welcomed and loved.  Her creations are always a delight and never ceases to inspire me.   

Sandra of Stamping For Pleasure shares her delightful creations peppered by beautifully photographed and easy to follow tutorials. Her Sunday Roast chronicles the delightful antics of her hens Harriet and Margot, not to be missed.

I hope you'll hope over and enjoy these lovely ladies work and you'll give them a little love.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Thank you, Bernie! I don't know how much of a Southern Belle I am but I like to think I'm one. Ha I just need to be living in a 'Gone With the Wind' mansion and wearing a big hoop skirt. Thank you for your sweet words and the award.

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  3. Hi Bernie . . . thank you so much for the Award and for thinking of me. I do appreciate it.

    However, I'm sorry to report that I have chosen not to participate in Awards . . . so I will totally understand if you choose to remove my name and pass it to someone who will follow the rules. There is no offence intended in this at all. It's just a personal choice of mine to abstain.

    I hope this doesn't put you off from visiting!

    Sandra xxx

    1. Sandra it's all good. Of course I'll keep visiting.
      Blessings Bernie

  4. Hi Bernie, Congrats on your award, Kind Elizabth passed to me too, joined as follower, enjoy May x x x

    1. Hi May; Welcome! Blogger wont let me follow your blog but I'll try again later. I love the BOSS :)
      Hugs & Blessings

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  6. Hi, Many congratulations on your Award Bernie, it couldn't of gone to a better person you so much deserve it and thank you so very much for adding my name as one of your five, and thank you for your kind words regarding the way you think l make people welcome l like to think so and it's also a great way to make friends and get ideas from each other ..........Thank you again and have a lovely weekend My throat turned out into a full blown cold and l'm still not so good but hopefully it will ease soon:) Sandra H

  7. Hi Bernie - so where did my comment go then, huh?! Wandering round between here and the USA I guess! So pleased for you - I was given this award when I hadn't been blogging long and it meant such a lot, you truly deserve it! Hugs, Di xx

  8. Hi Bernie I have just realised you posted this and I am mentioned!! I am so sorry I have only just replied :( I was actually just looking on your blog to see if you have been given the award because somebody has just given me one and I wanted to nominate you and then I saw this!! I will link for the other person that nominated me as I am so late but thank you very much for thinking of me. I will mention you in my post too :)
    Once again, really sorry for just realising!!
    Laura xxx


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