Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


Second post for me today. Please scroll down for my Stamp Catalog ideas.

It’s a beautiful day here, cold but the sun is shinning. Love it! I think I’ve gotten the bugs out of my computer. I wasn’t yesterday but I’m a happy camper today.

I had a simple task yesterday, cut and emboss with my new Spellbinder’s Lacy Circle die. Pull out the die, find a scrap the right size, pull out the Cuttlebug, and plates… You’d think the next step would be to cut and emboss, right. NOT, I lost my die! I never got out of my chair.  Really the Closet is so small I don’t need to and if I do get up I need to move my chair into the door way so I can have a spot to stand. My desk is only 3 1/2’ X 2 ½’. Not a lot of space to misplace something right. I made so much noise moving things in my search Jim asked if I was packing up and moving out. Not a complete waste of time, I did get my desk cleaned and all the odds and ends put away but still no die. Before Jim called the folks in the white coats or I became completely bald from pulling my hair out I gave up. I did some (ugh, dirty word) housework, washed, dried, folded and put away a load of laundry and fixed dinner. When Jim joined me at the dinner table he said 'You've had ‘that thing‘ on your sleeve all day, what is it?'  My Lacy Circle die! Stuck to the sleeve of my sweater! I have had my dies stick to my plates before but never thought the Spellbinder’s adhesive residue was strong enough to keep a die firmly attached to my sweater for over eight hours while I all but ran a marathon.

So here is my card. Finally! I embossed my pink card with a Swirls EF. I used MS Garden Trellis under my ribbon after cutting away the scallop portion. I used EK Success scalloped border punch on my black panel then glued the scallops from the Garden Trellis to the scalloped border. Waste not - want not. Finally I adhered my Lacy Circle and centered my MS Lace Scalloped Heart on it. The flowers and feathers are from my stash are my handcrafted rhinestone swirls. The sentiment is one of many free Digis from Bird at Bird‘s Cards. All the papers were scraps so I’ll be joining the girls in the playground at Di’s Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 4 .  Do visit the playground, you are sure to be inspired by the amazing talent there.   

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Oh Bernie - I've been crying with laughter here about that die you carried round all day without knowing it! Soo funny :))

    I absolutely love your card, that you eventually got to make, all the detail is just right and I love the pink, white and black colour combination.

    It's your turn on the see saw this visit :))


  2. Hi Bernie

    A gorgeous snippet card .. .. great use of your dies and embossing folder.

    You make me laugh about your lost die (but thank goodness you didn't lose it altogether .. that would have been awful).

    I see Di is letting you on the see-saw this week .. .. that will be nice!! LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  3. You did give me a good laugh this morning, Bernie. We have all been there at least several times. I had a list of all the challenges I wanted to enter this week. I lost it three times in on e afternoon. The final one was classic. After searching the whole room, I gave up and got up - there was my piece of paper under the wheel of my chair. I am glad you found your lacy circle though, and the end result is so pretty. Thank you for your visit today, and your kind comments. Have a good week and don't lose any more beautiful dies. xx Maggie

  4. I just had a big, out loud laugh sitting here all alone while hubby is still in bed sleeping. Next time, I lose something (which is very often), I'll check my sleeve first thing. Anyway, you ended up with a super card and I love the feathers...nice addition.

  5. That's a wonderfully pretty card Bernie. I did have to laugh at your antics I'm afraid, but all's well that ends well.

    I'll be on the other end of the seesaw for you . . . xxx

  6. Hi Bernie, Oh what a wake up call been there like many of us have! Absolutely stunning card!:) Sandra H

  7. This is gorgeous Bernie, love the embossing and touches of black on your card.. and that was so funny about your missing die ha ha.. I got something missing too. wish it got stuck to my sweater too he he :) xxx

  8. This is brilliant Bernie, and the lost die, yep I have a similar tale to tell but this was about a tiny heart punch which slipped off the table just before I used it. Looked everywhere, every dust bunny was religiously removed checked and rechecked. Nowhere in site, did the dirty word for a while in desperation thinking I must have managed to kick it under some other area of the kitchen/sitting room. but no, not to be had for love nor money. Trotted off to pick up the kiddies from school, hopped out of the car at the school and there i saw it. I was wearing an old pair of brown jeans with turn ups, and lodged in the turn up was the missing punch!!
    What a turn up, one might say (sorry had to pop that in)hugs heid x

  9. Ha. The burning question is did Jim get it in the neck for not telling you sooner!!!! Thanks for the laugh. The resulting card though is lovely. So nice to see a card that is not all red and black. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Very, very pretty and sorry, but I laughed out loud at the thought of you wearing a die all day!

    Hugs Brenda

  11. Bernie . . . you mentioned you had problems with liquid pearls . . . so I thought I'd share my ONE and ONLY tip for them . . . and that is to lightly DROP your card flat a few times (after adding the pearls of course) - it stops their peaks being too pointy! HTH xxx

  12. Hi Bernie, just loved this story ... second time today, I've had tears in my eyes from laughter (Di's Tuesday Tale started me off) ... that pic of you and your big knickers makes a third - thanks for the chuckle. After all that, the card is beautiful - love the flower/feather arrangement. Elizabeth x

  13. Hi Bernie, me again - forgot to ask you to pop over to my blog as I have something there for you. Elizabeth x

  14. Thank you for your kind comment today Bernie. xxx


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