Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hi There Dear Blog Friends

I’m running late but its not my fault. My ISP was running like dial up, nearly lost the will to live trying to download my photos.    *AND*   It’s still snowing and showing no signs of stopping. This morning we had freezing rain. Not wanting to let it get to deep I have been diligently shoveling the snow off the driveway and walks every hour or so. Let me tell you if a person could be arrested and locked up for the things they think I would be in jail right now. If that snow plow driver keeps piling the snow in my driveway I may lose all control and actually do to him the things that have been running thru my head. I’m not sure he is doing any good anyway. Cars are still spinning their tires and slipping and sliding out there. Yours truly isn’t venturing out any farther from the house then the mail box and I’m walking there.

My card is a diagonal pocket card. I found scraps just big enough and a bit ribbon to make this card. I hate to see the end of this ribbon, I do love it. The PP is from Colorbok.  It's the first stack I ever purchased and had the most difficult time cutting into.  The pink embossed paper is by Fiskars.  I found it at a yard sale.  Never even know Fiskars once made papers. I edged my papers with MS Cherished Hearts punch. The flower and charm are from my stash.  The stamp is from the $1 bin at Michael's.

I’m entering this card into
Di’s Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge then I’m off to shovel the drive way again. I just heard the snow plow go by so say a little pray for the guy that I don’t beat him over the head with the snow shovel, I do so want to.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Oh your so l do feel envious though you having all that snow l just love snow! your cards gorgeous and that ribbon is beautiful too!:) Sandra H

  2. Stunning, Bernie, and I can quite see why you want the ribbon to last forever and had such a bad time cutting into the paper - they are absolutely gorgeous. Your snow sounds horrendous ... we have been pretty lucky this year, no snow so far, but it is still January. I'm surprised you even found the energy to make this lovely card today. Hope the weather improves soon. Elizabeth x

  3. Hi Bernie

    What a fabulous make .. .. I love the style and shape of it.

    That ribbon you have used is certainly amazing and finishes everything off beautifully!!

    I hope that "Mr Plough" is still alive and well .. .. I couldn't bear to think of you on a murder charge!!!

    Stay inside safe and warm Bernie!

    Love Jules xx

    1. Oh Bernie - I totally adore this - absolutely perfect! Love the idea of a diagonal pocket card - made with beautiful papers too. Stunning ribbon I agree which set everything else off perfectly. As always, a real beauty here from you - and great use of snippets!

      I hate to say it, but I laughed until I cried here just now reading about your snow plough chap and your plotted revenge :)) I know you so well via the internet I can just picture you trotting out and diligently clearing the snow then watching with steam coming out of your ears when Mr Snow Plough comes by :)) Sorry for being evil by laughing - but I can't help it.

      Di xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful Bernie, and I can see why you love that ribbon so much. I sympathise with you about the snow plow driver, they do that here too, and they always seem to wait until you've cleared your entire driveway and then come around and plow you in again. Makes me so mad! We're bracing for your storm this afternoon and tonight in Michigan, although it's much weakened, we might get 3 or 4" of snow, so I hope to get out and go cross country skiing!


  5. Oh my goodness, this is such a funny post. Although, I'm sure you aren't laughing. Sounds as if you are having a rough day. But, your card is just beautiful. I didn't know Fiskars sold paper, either. Oh, the things we learn from others. O.K., try to have a good weekend. Don't let your blood pressure run wild. :-)

  6. Aww lovely vintage looking card and that green ribbon is just lush :).

  7. Hi Bernie

    The font I used on my card last night is called "The King and Queen Font" .. .. I do love it!!!

    Hope you are OK with all that snow!

    Love Jules xx

  8. That's a VERY pretty little card Bernie. Hope you haven't committed any crime since you posted this . . . against the snowplow driver I mean! Hugs, Sandra x

  9. This is gorgeous Bernie, love the colours and beautiful papers.. so pretty... sorry to hear about all that snow!!! and thank you for your nice comment on my card today :) Hugs xxx

  10. Hi bernie, thank you for the lovely comments on my blog :)
    Really like this card! The 381 on the valentines card represents 3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning for 'i love you'!
    Have added myself as a follower too.
    Laura xx

  11. How gorgeous this is! I love the pretty papers and the flower, and the ribbon is just lush! Poor you, after all that work shovelling, seeing the snow plough fill up your drive again! I'd be hopping mad, too!

    love Mags B x

  12. Another beautiful card. Love the colours and especially your edge punch.


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