Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pretty, Pink, Butterflies

Good Morning
Hooray it's stopped snowing!  I hope the weather is being kind to you where ever you are.  Bless him the snowplow guy went around and cleared the driveways.  A little to late for me but just shows to go ya, he is a sweetheart.  It's warmed up so everything is melting now.  Our area wont be affected but there is a fear of flooding.

Our granddaughter Shannalee Mahealani passed away in ‘05. Had she lived she would have been 27 this past Sunday. I miss her, sometimes desperately but I can never be sad when I think of her. The mere thought of her warms my heart. It was a joy and an honor to be her grandmother, she lives on in my heart. Shanna was a bit of a diva from the day she was born. Even as a toddler she loved having a manicure. Not just having her nails painted but a full on manicure and I loved giving them to her. She could make me laugh till I ached. When we were moving in here I plugged in an old rotary dial phone temporarily. Shanna asked if she could use it. Sure she hadn't even seen one before, I asked if she knew how to use a rotary dial phone. She said ’Grandma I’m not blond!’ Which of course made me smile but when she tried to turn the dial toward the zero I laughed so hard I cried.  She said ' Grandma it's stuck.'  I couldn't speak, I had to show her how to dial it properly.  That resulted in her making a face at me. Oh she could make faces, faces that would melt your heart or bring you to tears with laughter.

Even though this card is for her mother Donna’s birthday, I had so many wonderful memories of Shanna running thru my head as I made it. Shanna loved pretty, PINK and butterflies. I think I’ve filled that bill. I love the 3-D butterfly on the top right corner. After gluing the three MS Monarch butterflies together I rubbed it over my versa mark pad then dipped it in holographic EP and heat embossed it. You can find the tutorial on making the 3-D butterfly here.    The flowers were from my stash. I Shimmer Misted it but once again I can't get that to show in my photo.  I used my heat gun to dry the mist, totally forgetting it would melt my ribbon.  Oops in the blink of an eye one tail vanished and a tiny hole appeared on the band.  Not to worry I tucked another tail in there and covered the hole with another butterfly.  The papers were scraps so I am entering it in Di’s Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 4

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Hi Bernie, another gorgeous, gorgeous card - can't see the 'oops' at all - and loved reading about your very special granddaughter. Such a sad loss for you but such happy memories to keep you going. Elizabeth x

  2. Wow this is amazing Bernie, so pretty and soft, love the colours ... it is really a gorgeous card ... just kept looking at it... and thank you for sharing your memories of your grand-daughter with us. It is always so sad to lose someone xxx

  3. Hi Bernie, oh so said about your grand dauthter 27 is a lovely age too and you have lovely memories of her to keep you going it is always hard when you lose someone you love so dearly but as you say she's in your heart every day , Your card is so beautiful too! lot's of lovely flowers and butterflies truly beautiful take care:) Sandra H

  4. Very pretty card - really lovely. Glad to have caught up at last. Hope blogger settles down soon so that we can keep up with comments.

    1. Hi Bernie, am still having problems commenting on blogs that have the 'reply' facility on them :(

      This card is absolutely beautiful - as you know I adore pink and your card sure ticks all the boxes. Stunning!! I love the flowers and butterflies, plus the BP is perfect. Great to see you in the snippets playground - don't go getting involved with any of the little troublemakers in there :)

      Very sweet memories of Shanna chick - she lives on in your heart always.



  5. The card is beautiful and thank you for sharing your very special memories with us. xx Maggie

  6. Bernie, I know this beautifu card was made straight from the heart and is sure to touch Shannalee's mother's heart. I know this was a terrible loss for everyone who knew her but it sounds as if you have some beautiful memories to cherish.

  7. Beautiful story alongside a beautiful card Bernie. I bet you miss her terribly!
    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog :-)
    Take care and hope you don't get any floods! Xx

  8. Oh Bernie

    You have put a lump in my throat .. .. how sad to have lost someone so special .. .. but how wonderful to have had her in your life - even if it was for too short a time.

    Her beautiful memory must be the reason for the extra beautiful card.

    I love everything about it .. .. just as you loved everything about Shannalee.

    I am sure Donna will love the card just as much!

    Thank goodness your snow has stopped!!

    Love Jules xx

  9. So very beautiful card. It is just lovely. Thanks for sharing your heart, hang on to those precious memories. Thanks for you comments on my blog. I noticed the Tutorial on Becca's blog right after I posted the comment. I will definitely visit them. Blessing, Linda

  10. A very beautiful and definitely a girly girls card. love those pastels and flowers and butterflies. hugs heidix

  11. Great post. Exquisite pink and pretty card.

    Happy Sunday. xxx


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