Friday, August 24, 2012

You’ll NEVER Guess

Where I spent Thursday morning. Go on, guess. Bet no one guessed in the Emergency Room with Jim. Poor guy was to close to the edge of the bed when he rolled over and gravity took over. Before he hit the floor with a frightful crash, which sent me running with heart pounding, he collided with the blanket chest beside the bed. I’m not sure how he managed it but he split open that notch just above the earlobe partially down the earlobe and deep into the ear canal toward the ear drum. He also managed a very deep cut on his right arm and a not so bad one on his left arm. Thankfully he didn’t brake any bones.

Bless him he agreed to go to the ER without a fight, saying he was only going because I was right last time but this time he was not staying.

It didn’t take long to put eight stitches in his right arm and a lovely new type of dressing on his left arm. She managed to get three stitches in the outside of his ear quite nicely but can you imagine trying to put stitches inside someone’s ear canal. No easy feat. As I am a retired surgical technician I donned a pair of gloves and pitched in. She managed to get two stitches inside the canal. She wanted to put in two more stitches but it was simply impossible to get in any deeper.

Nuff of that, on to my cards.

After 20 plus years of working in construction and several debilitating back injuries, the state declared my oldest son, Kai, disabled and sent him to be reeducated. It’s not been easy for him to go to college in his forties but he did quite well. Today he is graduating as a civil engineer. I couldn’t be more proud of him and thought this Peacock Feather by Stampendous would be perfect to tell him so. Using my homemade stamp positioner I’ve stamped over my main image with versa mark and heat embossed with Sparkle EP. I then genteelly colored over the EP with markers to give the ‘eye’ a blue and green hue.  Can't seem to get a decent picture, it's either to much sparkle or it doesn't show the green in the 'eye'.  Looks great IRL though.  The sentiment was computer generated.

My second card is also for Kai, his birthday is next month. I found this very old SP tree stamp in a thrift shop. I have no idea where the bits of cording came from. The plaid paper is a scrap of gift wrap. The green has been embossed with a narrow Roman Bath EF. I’ve use a portion of SB Labels Four for my sentiment.     
Lots of scraps used on these cards so I will try to sneak in for a quick turn on the swings with our lovely Snippetters.

As Jim has fallen out of bed before the kids have suggested Velcro, bungie cords, seat belts, and wrapping him in tissue paper and bubble wrap, none very practical so I’m off to the medical supply shop to see about bed rails. I don’ think his body can take much more and I know my heart can’t.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all enjoy a drama free weekend.




  1. Sorry to hear about Jim, hope is on the mend. Congrats to Kai, you must be so proud. Great cards too

  2. Gosh Bernie, so sorry to hear about Jims Incident hopefully a quick recovery and your cards are beautiful x

  3. O Gosh... Poor Jim bless him.. I hope he is doing ok... and you too It's such a shock when this kind of thing happens!! congrats to your son Kai.. well done to him!! your cards are beautiful.. Hugs May x x

  4. I wish Jim better asap. The bed rail sounds like a good idea. Congratulatiuons to your son. Like your peacock feaher. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Oh wow Bernie, what a shock :( Hope Jim heals well, your heart has stopped pounding - and well done to Kai. Fab cards too! Di xx

  6. Goodness me Bernie . . . I don't know how you manage so well. What a nasty shock for both of you. Once again I'm sending you and Jim some well wishes and hope he makes a good recovery.

    Both cards you have posted here are lovely. I'm definitely giving that triple stamping a go this weekend. You've made such a great card with it.

    Sarn xxx

  7. I do hope Jim is feeling better - that was quite a shock. Congratulations to you son Kai - very well done - I'm not surprised that you are so proud. Two brilliant cards especially the peacock feather one.

  8. Bernie, you & Jim are just having too much excitement in your lives!!! I'm happy that he didn't do any more damage, and that this was a relatively 'easy' fix! Aside from scaring you to death!! Lovely card, and congratulations on your son's achievement. It is extremely hard to do classes in your 40's. (I did, so I KNOW!) A big accolade is due Kai that he DID get this education, which couldn't have been easy with a painful back. Lovely card, and I'm sure he will treasure it. You & Candee find the neatest STUFF and GOOD buys too! Hugs.TFS

  9. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about more drama your end! I'm glad it was 'easy' to fix Jim up and hope that his aches and pains are subsiding a little by now. FANTASTIC achievement by Kai and no wonder you're proud of him. It's a lovely congratulations card and the birthday card is great too.

  10. I'm so glad you hubby is o.k. That was a very nasty fall. I can't imagine geting stitches in the ear. Ouch!!

    Your cards are very pretty. I know you are so prould of your son...what an accomplishment!!!

  11. Oh, for God's sake, woman, that's just too much!! That poor man and your poor heart! It's ridiculous already! I hope you were successful getting bed rails. Otherwise, his bed is going in the closet and you get to make the bedroom into your craft room. That's just the way it is! You can tell him I said so!

    Congrats to Kai on his birthday and his graduation! Your cards to him are just fantastic! I especially love the beautiful embossed peacock feather!

  12. Oh My Goodness. I have just read that Jim was improving and now this! You two have had it rough recently haven't you.
    Gorgeous card and well done to your son on his graduation.
    Hugs again.

  13. For Heaven's sake! Bernie I don't know how much you and Jim can take, but you are troopers! Bless you both!

    How you manage crafty time I do not know, but your creations are gorgeous!


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