Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello Blog Angels
This thinking positive thing is really working for me and so are your prayers and well wishes. The Lord is really listening so I thank you and ask that you please keep it up.
When I was waiting my turn for radiation Thursday there was a gal who said she had just finish 4 months of Chemo, she never got sick once and didn’t lose her hair. I told her I’m going to be like her, I wont lose my hair and better still I wont get sick. ‘She said You Go Girl’ Well I’ve got one treatment under my belt and I haven’t gotten the least bit of nausea and I haven’t lost any hair. I think I’m doing great. Only 5 five more Chemo treatments, I can do that. Honestly I'm not so vain to be concerned about my hair, really it's not a big price to pay to regain one's health.
Someone sure got to my oncologist because he was a completely different man. He actually looked me in the eyes and answered my questions. To bad he wasn’t like that from the start, I might have even liked him.  
I really wasn’t looking forward to the ‘class’ with the oncology nurse. It wasn’t a ‘class’ at all, it was she and I talking, asking and answering questions, her giving me some interesting info, of course she had to tell me what might go wrong. Of course every time she said something could happen I’d say it wont and I believe it in my bones. I know the facts I just refuse to let anything negative take root in my brain. I am taking claim to all the good stuff. So far it’s working for me. None of the negative stuff has happened from either the radiation or the chemo but I am watching out for everything they told me to. And you can be sure I am doing every thing I should and not doing anything I shouldn’t.
They told me to take my nausea meds for two days even if I don’t get sick, I guess once you start with the nausea it’s hard to get it under control so you know even though I haven't needed it I will do as I am told.
As I suspected once I got past the front desk I found the people who really take care of the patients VERY nice and caring. A lot of the people there have had cancer themselves so they have walked the mile in my shoes and know what it’s like. Although it was a long day it wasn't unpleasant. Everyone made sure I was comfortable. Volunteers constantly came by bringing warm blankets, pillows, even asking if I needed a snack.
I get 4 IV two tiny ones of a mix of meds for nausea and anti-reaction meds and two actual Chemo drugs each given separately. If anyone is really interested in the drug names e mail me.
I am so glad I told Jim to drop me off and come home to rest. The waiting room is beautiful and the chairs and sofas are actually comfortable but as nice as it is sitting in a waiting room for 6 hours isn’t restful. I am worried about him, he is worn out, and he looks it. He surprised me by asking if I could drive myself Friday AM. I did and I did fine. I wish he didn’t feel obligated to do all the driving but he does and insists he will be back on duty on Monday.

Have a fabulous weekend. We plan to lay around, rest and recoup and get ourselves ready to do it all again next week. If you are counting only 29 radiation and five chemo treatments to go.
Hugging you in my heart
Love & Blessings


  1. Oh my sweet girl! Good on you and so pleased to hear that the people you're meeting, both the treatment folk and everyone else, are so kind. We're all here - ticking off those treatments as you go and willing you on.

    I have to say your last email made me cry with laughter at the part in BIG capitals :) A reply will be on the way ASAP honey - once I stop giggling.

    My Anon comments have ceased here - hope yours have too. Yay, summick else we've beaten :))

    Love and hugs, Di xxxxxx

  2. Well done Bernie and thanks for the update. I'll keep sending those positive vibes and hope this week goes as well. I hope both you and Jim manage a restful weekend. Take care. Hugs Carol x

  3. Way to go Bernie,sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way to help out a bit more..I'm so so pleased things are moving along for you and I truly believe you are one strong woman who will get through this...Please take care of both you and Jim,I hope you have a lovely restful weekend...
    Big Hugs,
    Mandy x

  4. So so glad that you are handling the treatment so well. My son had to get 12 Chemo treatments and 15 Radio and he did not loose his hair. He was not sick very much and when he was hungry he wanted grilled bacon sandwiches. He is in remission now for over a year and in brilliant shape. Stay positive and have a restful weekend.

  5. Still praying and adding prayers of thanksgiving for you, Bernie! Keep the positive thoughts!

  6. What a blessing to read your post, Bernie, and hear how positive you are about everything! Thanks the ticket, along with being a good girl and I'm happy to hear you're doing what they say. Hair, schmair, doesn't matter and I'm not surprised to hear you say it's a small price to pay for kicking the cancer. You're a true inspiration! I am keeping you and Jim in my prayers and I hope you both are having a restful and rejuvenating weekend! Love and hugs, Darnell

  7. Good friend Bernie, so VERY HAPPY tonight to read this. It's wonderful to know that Prayer & Postive thinking are working in the right direction for you. You happen to be the 2nd person today who has given me this kind of report. It truly made me feel so thankful for both my friends, that things are working for their good. You keep on doing what you're doing, we'll keep on praying, sending positive energy your way, & say a big Thank You that you have good people working to get you well again. Thanks for taking time to update, and don't let Mr. Jim get too tired. Ya'll just rest & regroup tomorrow. Hugs.

  8. Oh my Bernie you brave brave lady, I just love, love your positive attitude, way to go girl. Sending massive hugs to you and Jim.

  9. Bernie, you are a lovely special lady, full of strength and bravery. If only more people were like you instead of complaining about their woes. Keep up the fight and positive thinking. Sending you hugs and some of my stubbornness to help you in your fight!

    Have a restful Sunday with Jim, big hugs xx

  10. Oh Bernie what a blessing l'm so pleased to hear of your positive attitude it does work and your so brave still keep those posivite thoughts and my prayers are always there for you take care xx

  11. Bernie your positive attitude is inspiring! You go girl. Keep your fighting head on and God will help you all the way. Sending massive positive thoughts your way, thinking of you.
    Laura xxx

  12. Being positive makes all the difference and you are really doing that. Hooray for you. Prayers for both you and your husband as you get this done.
    Hope your week goes well.

  13. ah so pleased things are going well dear Bernie!!

    ... and praying for many mercies to continue to encompass you about, and day by day through those 29 radiation and five chemo you will sense the keeping power of God.
    He knows and wants us to seek Him in His way through His Son Jesus - he too suffered as we do and knows, and cares...

    love and God bless, especially prayer for dear faithful hubby, love Shaz in oz.x


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