Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OH My, My, My

My doctors must have REALLY had a fit. It’s was so obvious no one had planned to start any of this for at least another week and a half. What a scramble to get me scheduled thru Feb. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and listened in on those conversations. Whatever was said it sure lit a fire under everyone down there. My lung docs are absolutely fabulous, will just have to give them each a huge hug next time I see them.
Today I got my third tattoo and they did their ’dry run’ which was already planed for sometime this week. That was followed by my first treatment. It only lasted five minuets and like having an X-ray I didn’t feel a thing and still don’t although I’m told to expect at the very least fatigue as we go on. No Problem.
As I lay there I tried to visualize the radiation killing those nasty cells but my thoughts wandered on to prayers of thanksgiving that we have been so blessed with these amazing machines which can cure us. So very thankful.
As I suspected the radiation techs were very sweet and caring. Even the girl at the front desk seemed to have her thinking cap on today. It really turned out to be a pleasant experience after all. It was a little creepy to see all the casts/molds for all the different patients, all different shapes, sort of like looking at blue body parts hanging from the walls of the room. They do the job though. I walked in they had me lay in my mold and in a heart beat things were lined up with my tattoos and all was good to go.
Still not sure about the gals at the oncology front desk. It took quiet a while to get just one chemo treatment scheduled. In fact it took so long I went to the bathroom midway. Thursday morning I’ll have radiation then speak to the oncologist followed by an hour class with the oncology nurse then two and a half hours of chemo. Fingers crossed it wont take quite so long to schedule the other five or six treatments. Even if it does I am just thankful I will receive the chemo in conjunction with the radiation as it has been impressed upon me having both together is the very best way to kill this monster.
My efforts to keep the weight on have paid off I actually gained another 3 pounds in the last four days.
Only radiation scheduled for tomorrow. Not sure if I'll feel up to an update after Chemo on Thursday so I'll talk to you all over the weekend.
Love, Hugs & Blessings


  1. Thanks for this marvelous post. I'm glad you got one down & sort of know what to expect. Just do what you have to do, know that so many of us are thinking of you, saying prayers, and you don't worry about posting! You will when you feel up to it, so that's all there is about that! Just get our Bernie Better! Hugs & Prayers

  2. Well!!!!! what a post full of praise, Bernie!!!
    For answered prayer - rejoicing over the bomb put under whoever it was to get them moving.
    So VERY glad for you, Bernie, as after last post was praying even harder last night in bed was thinking and praying for you and that would have been your day.

    Amazing, so glad and praying for the chemo and radiotherapy to please do the jo successfully for you..

    God bless you dear Bernie and your dear family too as they feel for you in it all, Shaz in oz.x

  3. What fabulous news Bernie,I think all the prayers have been heard,I'm so pleased that things have moved on for you and that your treatment has started...I'm sending lots of hugs and best wishes to you and your family,please take care...
    Mandy x

  4. Hi Bernie

    Well in a previous post you asked for an angel to help you through this terrible ordeal .. .. well I think you will find that angel was sent in the form of the doctor you saw who kicked folk into touch and got all of this up and running. It just shows what "CAN" be done

    Your treatment has now started .. .. and along with your positive attitude and loving family you will beat this.

    I am so pleased that things are now happening!!

    Take care Bernie and stay strong.

    Love and hugs to you and your family.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Wow Bernie - as Jules said, your doctor who kicked things going really is your own angel.

    I just read last week about radiation and chemo being so successful when used as a double whammy to chase those nasties away. And of course your own positive thoughts are really important.

    So glad you're keeping us up to date when you can - our wings are still flapping away underneath you and hopefully you'll have flown right through this very soon.

    Love and hugs, Di xxx

  6. So glad that you have got things moving. Stay positive and take care.

  7. Good for your dr getting on the phone!! You are on your way and that is a good thing -- May God Bless You and get you back on the road to health! Candee P

  8. Gosh Bernie, he really did kick ass! So glad things are underway and the zapping has begun. Stay positive and take care. Hugs Carol x

  9. What an inspiration to everyone you are. Keep up the good fight and remember we are all behind you. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Hi Bernie, That's great that you got the 1st one out of the way and you now know what to expect it makes it a little easier for you and remember to stay positive ...............many thanks Bernie for the update it can't be easy but its really lovely to come across your blog popping up with your news take care and lots of love xx

  11. So happy that fire was lit under those doctors and things are finally getting on the fast track for you. Take care and fight on!! Looking forward to good reports from you.

  12. Well, hon, that's one big x on a square on your cancer-killing calendar that can be made!! Yippee!! Walk on while you can, my friend, and when you get too tired to do that, we'll carry you to the end of your treatment. I'm marking off the days with you and praying all the while!! Love and hugs, Darnell


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