Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good News!

Thank You Heavenly Father and Thank You to all my friends in blog land for all your prayers and well wishes. I saw the doctor today and was told the MRIs did not show any cancer in my bones. I must tell you all I have been terrified the results would not be so good. They are now positive the cancer is only in the one area in my lung, the rest of my body is cancer free. Now I know I will beat this thing. I feel like I’ve been hanging on by my finger tips and holding my breath for well over a week. I think I was more afraid then even I thought I was. The relief is overwhelming.

When the doctor told me the news I squeezed Jim’s hand so hard I am sure it is bruised.  I wept like a baby and praised the Lord and thanked Him out loud. Not sure my doctor appreciated the fuss I made but I really don’t care. I have cried tears of joy off and on ever since.

Unfortunately I still have no clue when my treatment will begin. I don’t understand how things work at the cancer center but I have to have faith that they know what they are doing. I am to see my radiologist in a week and my oncologist a week later. After I do he will submit the request for approval for Chemo to my insurance. I truly don’t understand why he needs to wait two weeks to submit the request. I just hope and pray my insurance company will respond quickly.

This is frustrating to say the least. I’ve never in my life wanted something so badly that at the same time I truly wish I could avoid altogether. I can’t help but think this monster is growing inside me and without treatment I can’t stop it. As I said Frustrating. Still I am sincerely grateful for the news I got today and I believe I will sleep well tonight.

Thank you all for the lovely cards I’ve received from around the world. You ladies are absolutely amazing and with your love and support I know I will get to the center of my nasty onion and crush the center until it is no more.

Much Love and Many Blessings



  1. My Dear Friend, I am so truly thankful tonight, right along with you, and I plan to say such to the One Who heard us. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us. You keep on with this strength & faith, and we are gonna keep right on with the prayer (or positive thoughts!) circle. I know you & Jim are so blessed tonight. Hugs! Many of them!!!

  2. Oh Bernie, since your email I got just over a day ago I've been holding my breath. This is great news as I know how terrified you were about the MRI results. Hope the treatment begins soon - and positive thoughts are still being generated here, love and hugs, Di xx

  3. Marvellous news Bernie. Hope they get your treatment started soon. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. The best news given the circumstances Bernie. Hope everyone can now get their butts into gear and start treating you. Sending lots of positive vibes. Carol x

  5. Just the most wonderful news, Bernie. I can understand why you were praising God right there in the doctor's office. That is as it should be.

    A lady that is in my church choir had lung cancer discovered 6-8 yrs. ago and you would never know the lady has a thing wrong with her. She has done remarkably well. I pray you'll be just the same.

  6. WOO HOO BERNIE!! Thank the Lord he never left your side -- GREAT news indeed and will keep you in thoughts and prayers ---- Candee P

  7. This is great news Bernie, will keep my fingers crossed that your treatment goes well

  8. Oh Bernie, This is wonderful news and thank you so very much for keeping us informed, l cannot imagine what you have been going through it must of seems ages for you to hear this news, l hope you hear soon when the treatment will start and that it all goes well and that you will be 100% again you are in my thoughts and prayers are with you take care xx

  9. Hi Bernie

    What fantastic news .. .. I can feel your relief from here .. .. and everyone else's who has been worried for you.

    So awful to think that these doctors are dealing with good and bad news every hour of every working week .. .. it must sadly become the norm for them .. .. I would have cried too if I was in your shoes and my hubby would have joined in!!!

    Let's now hope they hurry up and get your treatment started.

    Love and hugs

    Jules xxx

  10. I just had a feeling to check in with you, Bernie, and am I ever so glad I did! What wonderful news!! That really does make all the difference in the world!

    It brought tears to my eyes imagining you and Jim in that doctor's office. I will keep you (both) in my prayers.

    I hope the time before treatment will pass quickly for you. In the meantime, if you aren't already doing it, you can start the process of visualizing your own healthy cells crushing the life out of the evil cancer cells, even b/4 the chemo. What the heck, right? It might work while you're waiting! Keep the faith, my friend! Thank you for keeping us informed! Hugs and love, Darnell

  11. What wonderful news, Bernie! I too pray that the weeks of waiting will fly by. I will continue to keep you and Jim in my prayers.

  12. Wonderful news Bernie, you cry all the tears you want. You and Jim are in my prayers.

  13. YAY! That is TERRIFIC news Bernie. I know you have a way to go, but I am SOOO pleased the problem is contained and can be dealt with. Still sending positive thoughts your way special lady.


  14. Bernie, that is wonderful news. As Darnell says, just visualise your healthy cells as an army fighting the nasty invaders and pushing them back and out. We are all with you in the fight right to the moment that your good army succeeds. Stay strong. xx Hugs Maggie

  15. Hi,
    I've just popped over from Di's playground so read your news.....this is wonderful. So lovely to hear good news like this and with a positive attitude you will fight that monster....sending you prayers and positive vibes to help you.
    Biggest healing hugs,
    Annie x

  16. Hello Bernie I have just come across from Di's blog and just wantedto say that I hope you start yr treatment soon. My very best wishes for your full recovery. I am sure that will beat it. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love & hugs Anne x

  17. Major typo in above comment sorry!

    Awesome news Bernie!!

    ... you have been in my thoughts and prayers.. and pray the LORD puts a bomb under those people in high place to move it along.. then remember (I do as need it too at the moment) :"they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Is 40.31

    ...and the verses in Psalms "my times are in Thy Hands O Lord."...
    ... " the steps of a good (wo)man are ordered by the LORD and as someone said the "the steps and the stops are too", so there is perfectly good reason, as hard as it is.

    Maybe something for you to do to occupy yourself positively in this is research. Research all you can take diet-wise and natural wise to help your body fight the cancer.

    My friends husband has leukemia and he has been marvellous since he has been on this health treatment a naturopath put him on.

    I know these things work, but dont know what you can get in the States or what your case is but something to pray about. Your body immune system though can be marvellously helped if you just know where to go. And maybe help yourself so it does not seem so very very hard to wait or a waste of time, a positive action to make it better for your body to fight it..

    Just my thoughts.. perhaps ..
    I am not in your shoes, and so dont know - I pray for wisdom and grace for you all concerned, love Shaz in Oz.x

  18. Wonderful news Bernie. Your news has certainly cheered me up today.

  19. Hi Bernie, I have kinda' gotten to know you through Mary H. I just wanted to pop over and wish you all the best with your treatments and to let you know that I am praying for you for a full recovery. I know how scary it is to get this kind of news, but at the same time I am happy that the cancer is contained and no where else in your body!!! I think that it was caught in time for a successful treatment. Alhtough I know the treatment won't be fun, but it will save your life and that is the point isn't it?! Try to keep a great attitude because a good attitude is key for a successful treatment as well. Isn't attitude the key for everything?! lol And just know that there are friends in blog land that are praying very hard for you my friend. Big hugs to you and I hope that your treatments start soon to get this monster out of your body!! Brenda


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