Friday, January 4, 2013


Hello Dear Blog Friends.

This is a very difficult post for me. Some of you know I haven’t been well since early Oct. I first thought it was the flu, then a virus, then was treated for pneumonia but continued to be more ill by the day. After an alphabet soup of tests, scans and the like I now know I have lung cancer. I am told it’s Stage 3B Inoperable Lung Cancer.

I must say being told I have cancer was a kick in the gut but going from Jim’s full time caregiver to having him take care of me nearly over night was a real shock. A portion of the tumor was blocking my bronchial tube making it extremely difficult to breath. That was removed thru a bronchoscope and I am breathing much easier now. Jim and I are now taking care of one another.

At some point the treatments will be radiation and chemo but as doctor says we can‘t make those decisions lightly. I will talk to the radiologist and the oncologist again in two weeks.

I don’t know when my treatments will begin. I am praying the people I entrust with my care will do their very best and I’ll leave the big decisions up to them. Yakima has an excellent cancer treatment center with very good doctors so I feel confident they can and will get me well. My pulmonologist is very positive they will.

At this point I’ve lost a lot of weight so doctor wants me to work hard to build my weight and strength back up in the next two weeks. I am doing my very best to do both.

I don’t go to church and I’m not a religious person but I am a Christian with a very strong faith. I believe in the power of prayer. I ask that you please pray for Jim and for me. We will need lots of prayers and positive thoughts to get us both thru this. AND I will get thru this!

I will update you as soon as I know more.

Love, Hugs & Many Blessings


Tough times don’t last, Tough People do.


  1. Hi Bernie,
    I'm so sorry to hear your news,I am sure as you say your Doctors etc are the best and will give you the best treatment possible...My thoughts,prayers and best wishes are with both you and Jim...Please take care both of you...
    Get well hugs and wishes,
    Mandy x

  2. Hi Bernie

    Stunned here although I'd picked up that something was very wrong and this thought had crossed my mind.

    Sending every possible positive vibe and thought I can to you, and also Jim, that you get through this. You've gotta make sure you're one tough cookie!!

    Love and hugs, Di xx

  3. So sorry to hear your bad news but the succcess rate of modern day Cancer treatments are excellent. Of course you will be in my prayers but you will get through this with determination and a positive outlook. Take care. Marie-Louise

  4. So sorry to read this Bernie. Both you and Jim are in my thoughts. Take care. Carol x

  5. Hi Bernie

    I am very sorry to hear your news. I am not religious, but I will certainly send positive thoughts to both you and Jim. You were so unbelievably brave last year when Jim was having serious problems, so I know you have it in you to be tough and get through this. You WILL.

    Big, big (but gentle) hugs going your way honey.

    Best wishes, Sarn xxx

  6. Bernie, My Friend. I know this was a tough post to do. You made it though. You are a strong lady, lots of 'grit' as Mama used to say. You try hard to get yourself built back up however you must, so that you can get through the treatments or whatever you & your oncologists say is right for you. Know that many prayers AND lots of positive energy are coming your way. You have touched the lives of so many of us bloggers with your posts & your strength of will as you fought to get Jim well. Remember that as you keep doing what is necessary. Many many hugs & prayers to both you & Jim.

  7. Hi Bernie --- Am glad you have such good care in your area!! Remember the Lord is a God of Faith not of a church and he will be with you every step of the way!! Prayers and blessed wishes, Candee P

  8. Sending you lots and lots of good vibes and positive thoughts to help you through your hard times ahead. Stay brave and build up your strength and you will get through. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Hi Bernie, Hard to digest and coming to your blog from time to time l know your a fighter and have lots of determination having to help your husband and be his carer for so long your a tough team and will be there for each other and draw strenght from each other too, my prayers and blessing will be with you for a long time it must of been really hard for you to post this but it just goes to show that you can be strong when it's needed like now so keep on being strong and your strenght will help you lots take care xx

  10. Hello Bernie love, so sorry and sad to hear about your news, especially coming after you worked and fought so hard last year to care for your beloved Jim. We all know what a fighter you are and how brave you are too but I send you as many prayers and good vibes as I possibly can, and lots of hugs too. Definitely build up your strength, be strong, we're all here for you.

    Lots of Love

  11. oh Bernie I don't know what to say, I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. Sending gentle but big hugs, Amanda x

  12. I am not a church goer but I do have a strong faith and all my strongest vibes are heading your way. I am joining all your other blog friends in hoping and believing you will stay strong and overcome this attack. Hugs xx Maggie

  13. You did very well, Bernie, my friend, and I imagine that was very hard writing. You've already taken several positive steps down this new road and all your loved ones know that you will make it to the end.

    You showed your strength and resolve in dealing with Jim's serious condition. The thing is, it always seems to be easier to reach in and help peel our friends' or family's onions and we tend to ignore our own bowl. You might say. It's just our nature. But this time, girl, you need to put you first, your stinking bowl needs peeling and now your friends will reach in to help you with all our prayers.

    From our lips to God's ears we pray for Jim to stay well so that you are not stressed out worrying about him and fussing over him, so you can concentrate on yourself. We pray that you be hungry and eat well. We pray for you to find the strength to face this head-on, to accept the help of others, to have excellent medical care and a smooth course of treatment. I just walked this walk with a friend with Stage 4 breast cancer. It was a long year for her, but she is through it and all her tests are now positive! What they are doing in the field of cancer treatments now is nothing short of miraculous for so many, many people. Most people. So I'm glad to see you positive and determined! That is half the battle, hon.

    I'll be in touch. Please let me know if there is any other way I can help.

    Your friend,

  14. Ah, prayers are being said and good thoughts are being sent to you both! I believe in prayer also and believe it's what helped me through breast cancer. Please keep us informed as much as you feel you wish to, and know we are thinking of you!

  15. Prayers offered here for both of you. I am sorry you are facing this battle.
    This post must have been so very hard to write...Crafty hugs to you.

  16. Bernie, what terrible sad news for you and Jim to receive, l'm so sorry. From visiting your blog in the past and this incredible post, it's very clear that you are a tough and brave lady who won't give in to this awful disease. You and Jim are in my thoughts, sending you positive hugs across the water, take care xxx

  17. Bernie, I am so sad to hear your news. Like others I too am not a Church goer but I am a Believer nonetheless and pray and hope that you will get the treatment and guidance you need to make you better very soon.
    Sending gentle hugs to both you and Jim. You were so strong for him last year and I am sure you are both helping each other now.
    Love Sam aka Hettie xx

  18. I am so sorry to hear this news - came here after reading about you on Di's Pixie Craft post. I echo everything that's been said already and add that I will be praying that the right decisions will be made about treatment and that you will both be given strength and grace to get through this difficult time, coming out the end of it, not only healthier physically, but stronger as a couple. Stay positive and know that there are others holding you up when you can't do it for yourself. xxx

  19. I came here from Di's blog. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Be strong and fill your mind with positive thoughts. I've read somewhere years ago that they recommend patients to watch funny movies. Perhaps it's true, laughter is the best medicine.

    I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts.


  20. Oh Bernie - what lovely bloggy friends have come here today to help to keep you flying honey. I'm astounded and yet humbled by the love everyone is surrounding you and Jim with - all my love, as always, Di xx

  21. I came over here from Darnell's blog to send you my very best positive thoughts and wishes! You and your husband will be in my prayers.

  22. Oh, Bernie, I'm so sorry to hear of your cancer and will definitely pray for you and your husband. I would love to give you some of the weight I gained over Christmas. All of it actually. I'm not kidding either. Barring that, I know there's nothing I can do but pray and I do believe in the power of prayer. Be strong. Better times are coming.

  23. Hello Bernie, I came over here from Darnell's blog. I am sending you very positive thoughts, along with all your wonderful blog friends, and hope that your treatment plan goes well. You sound like one very strong lady to me, please stay that way. My thoughts are with you. Hugs, Anne x

  24. Hi Bernie & Jim

    I skipped into the playground to see what had been happening whilst I have been AWOL and read news that lead me to here. I just knew it was going to be a bombshell before I even read what had been written.

    I am so very, very sorry :-(

    What a terrible time you are going through and what a difficult post to have to write. Thank goodness you have each other.

    I know you are so very much in love with each other and this, along with your strength, faith and positive attitude, will help you through whatever lies ahead.

    Just to be able to write this post shows what strength you have.

    Sending all my very best wishes and hoping that you quickly get the treatment you need, and that you are well cared for.

    Love and cyber hugs

    Jules xoxo

  25. Bernie, I am so sorry you got this news. I know it is very difficult for you and your husband. I pray for God to lift you both up and get you through these trying times. You'll be in my prayers, both of you. Please keep us updated as you can. Sending prayers and hugs.

  26. I am so very sorry to read your news, and words fail me. But when words fail, God still listens and I am praying with all my heart for you and for Jim, that you might care for each other and sustain each other through the hardest times, and for you to be well again.

  27. So sorry to read this Bernie. My thoughts and prayers are with you and lets hope together we can all send you enough postivity to get through this.

  28. Darnell passed along your story and the need for good thoughts and prayers. I add my cyber hug. Thinking of you and your DH and sending positive thoughts to you both.

  29. Hi Bernie,
    I am so sorry you aren't well. I pray for the team looking after you to give you the best possible treatment and make the right decisions for you. Hope you and Jim can continue to support eachother through this difficult time.
    Will be thinking and praying for you both,
    Keep positive, sending you huge hugs,
    Laura xx

  30. Hi Bernie, I only recently found your blog and so sorry to hear of your struggle and praying much for you (just come over from Di's)..
    Yes, you are right, going to church does not make one a Christian - simply faith in Christ as our own Saviour from sin and surrender to Him, this is what makes us His own, and is the key to our personal faith. He alone knows out hearts..

    I am praying for wisdom and skill for those treating you, and that if at any time they need to ask for guidance from others they will. Also praying for you and Jim on the home scene and this is not easy and God understands that path far more than anyone else does, God bless you all, Shaz in Oz.x

    PS you might find this a blessing - a post some time back now:

  31. Hi Bernie
    Just called in from Di's blog....... so sorry to hear your news, I hope you and Jim can help each other through this hard time, I end my thoughts and prayers for both of you and for a complete recovery, trust in those looking after you
    God Bless
    Tilly xx

  32. Hi Bernie - I've just come over from Di's blog to say my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jim - may you both have the strength to help each other through these difficult times.
    Kath x

  33. So sorry to hear this Bernie. I am sending you all my positive thoughts to you & Jim. Will be thinking about you.

  34. Hi Bernie, Di's post alerted me to there being something amiss with you and I am so sorry to find your news. Trying times ahead for you, my dear ... may you find the strength to get through them. Jim's help and support will no doubt prove to be invaluable. Take care. Hugs and best wishes, Elizabeth xx

  35. Hi Bernie.I am another of Di's friends popping over to give you a virtual hug. You are so positive and strong. I will pray for you along with my sister-in-law Mary who sounds as though she is in exactly the same place as you. She was unable to cope with the chemo so has had radiation and she has improved a little, but is now concentrating on trying to eat to regain some of the weight she has lost. She has also remained positive in spirit. I believe in the power of prayer, and as I scrolled down through your blog I just loved the prayer rock. I think I will get one and write for Bernie and Mary on it, and I'll remember Jim too who must be finding it quite difficult to reverse your roles. I hope you will continue to be one another's strength and support. Kate x

  36. Hi Bernie, I've just caught up with your news from Di and I can understand how tough it must have been for you to hear. I too believe in the power of faith and prayer and there'll be lots of positive vibes coming your way. Hugs, Vicky x

  37. Hi Bernie, Sorry I have not been over in a while... My goodness I am so sorry to hear this news.. I am sending you buckets full of prayers & positive thoughts to you & Jim... Keep strong!! Big Hugs May x x x


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