Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ape About You

This card is for my grandson Hanali’s birthday.

The picture came from a sadly abused children’s book found in the free box at a yard sale. I do wish parents would teach their children to respect books. This is the last of a number of wonderful animal pictures rescued from a once beautiful book. The frame is a Provo Craft die I’ve lost the name of. The sentiment was printed on Word and placed ‘just so’ to cover a crayon mark. The studs in the corners are an iron on product called jean-e-ology. I adhered them to the card with a dot of Tombow Momo Multi glue. I found these studs in my stash. I have no memory of ever seeing them before and there are four sheets of them! I have a bad case of CRS, you know Can’t Remember Stuff.

“Cheap Trick” Recycle whatever you can. Old greeting cards, damaged books, magazines, junk mail even clothing often offers something you can use on a card. Before you toss anything in the trash look at it for a second and see if there is a way you can reuse it or repurpose recycling center rather then the land field.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments.

Have an Amazing Pink Day. Yes, Di today is National Pink Day. I know Di will be happy to celebrate. Will you? Come on, do something in a pink way, wear something pink, eat something pink, drink something pink and please click the pink ribbon on my side bar.



  1. l will wear something pink today just for National Pink Day and beside's l love the colour Pink, great way to use up scraps you have done a lovely job with recycling your card is brilliant.....:) Sandra H

  2. Hi Bernie! Just a quick comment - love the card. It's sad about books not being cherished although you do rescue them and make them live on! I'm not wearing pink today - but my nightie is pink...does that count :) Had laptop problems but I think we have lift off now. Time though to go play housewife - local fish, salad and such for dinner on the terrace. Hugs, Di xxx

  3. opps no pink . I agree totally about books ..i LOVE them!! Love your card too.


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