Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Second Love

Is my garden. If I’m not in my closet creating I can be found here.

These are called Tipsy Pots. Aren’t they fun! 
When I first added them to the garden people came by and puzzled over how they stayed in place. Being naughty, for quite some time, I would say it was magic.

I didn’t invent this but I will tell you how it‘s done. I got an eight foot length of rebar from the hardware store. I climbed on a ladder and drove it into the ground until it wouldn’t go any further. Three feet is the recommended dept but mine hit a rock and didn't quite make it that deep.
The secret is the drain hole must be in the center of each pot. Thread an empty pot over the rebar then tip so the lip of the pot rests against the rebar. Partially fill with soil. The bottom of the next pot should sit on the lip of the pot below it. Plant each pot once they are all in the position you want them.  My rebar wasn't tall enough to add another pot so I topped it off with a child’s watering can to hide the remaining portion of rebar. 
It gets quite hot here in the Yakima Valley during the summer, in order to keep from going out to water  several time a day I  threaded drip irrigation through the drain holes before filling the pots.

Have An Amazing Day!


  1. Hi Bernie! Love your garden - I can see now why you need nipping off between emails to tend to it - and those Tipsy Pots are terrific. Bit late here to have a go but it's on my 'to do' list for next Spring/Summer. Does the squirrel keep guard over the flowers? Hugs, and thanks for letting us into your garden! It'll be your desk next, trust me!! Di xx

  2. Gorgeous garden so colourful........:) Sandra H

  3. oh I love it! what fun and it sounds easy!

  4. What an absolutely lovely garden project. Thanks for sharing how it's done! I may have to try this!


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