Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baker’s Twine

I hope this finds you well and enjoying beautiful summer weather.   It is HOT here today so I was out in the garden at 5:30 this morning, fighting the good fight against the weeks.   I think they are winning.   It is supposed to cool down in a few days so we are looking forward to that.

I am deep into a major reorganization of my craft closet and at the moment can’t even find the top of my work table so no new card today.

“Cheap Trick” Make your own Baker’s Twine.   I found this video on you tube and just had to share it.

Isn’t that a great idea!   I can’t afford to buy all the colors of bakers twine and if I could I’d have to find space in my tiny closet to store it.   Besides, I doubt I would use enough of it to warrant the expense anyway.   Now I can make just what I need with minimal expense and no storage concerns.

Tomorrow is National Pink Day!   What fun!   I think I’ll wear pink, have a pink lemonade and of course click on the pink button on my side bar.

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Blessings Bernie

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  1. Fabulous weather your having can you send some nice that your reorganizing your craft room will we be seeing a card soon?..........:) Sandra H


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