Sunday, September 4, 2011

From the Garden

Busy, Busy, Busy. No time for crafting so I thought I’d share a few flowers blooming in my garden.

Queen Elizabeth


Double Delight


No Name

Confused Oriental Poppy Shouldn't be in bloom this time of year.

Don't know what this is called but it is considered a weed here.  The angels planted it and I wanted to see just how tall it would get.  It's as tall as the roof and still growing.  Excuse all the seed heads, a friend is coming to collect them this weekend. 

Have an Amazing Day!
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  1. Fabulous piccies of gorgeous flowers Bernie. Good enough to think about using on some cards. It's chucking it down with rain here and battering what roses are left to bits! That weed is something else, is it a triffid?! :) Hugs, Di xx

  2. Beautiful roses Bernie, my fave is the one with no name. My roses are on their second flush of the summer but not for much longe, shame.
    Sally x

  3. You must have a lovely garden, thanks for the kind comments on my blog x

  4. Wow great roses. nice to still have lovely flowers with colour at this time of the year more often than not they have died off but yours are still blooming by the looks of these:) Sandra H

  5. Your roses look beautiful,we can't seem to grow them very well in our garden,we have three..Thanks for sharing the pics...
    Mandy x

  6. o wow how beautiful, so pretty, love your flowers, your garden must smell so lovely xxx

  7. Oh my goodness! Bernie, those roses are beautiful. Awesome colors an so many kinds. I used to grow Tropicana roses and they did fantastic. Then, I moved and didn't have just the right spot.
    I'll say that poppy is a bit out of season but showing off beautifully just the same. Thanks for letting us see your wonderful garden of flowers.

  8. Hi Bernie

    My you have some wonderful flowers in your garden .. .. I love the yellow rose with no name .. .. that looks gorgeous.

    We only have one rose bush and that is in our front garden.

    I think we need to a make amends and plant some in the back garden!!

    Love Jules xx


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