Friday, September 9, 2011

Kick Up Your Heels

Hi There; Sad news this morning. There is a forest fire raging here in SE Washington State. Although St. John’s Monastery and Bakery were saved by the feisty nuns and firefighters many homes and barns have been lost. Thankfully no injuries have been reported but the fire is totally out of control and the outlook is grim. Thousands have been evacuated.

I’ve mentioned before my Jim is ill, he has end stage emphysema. Although we are in no danger from the fire the air is filled with smoke which is making breathing much more difficult for Jim and others with breathing problems. Please keep our wonderful firefighters and those suffering in any way as a result of this fire in you thoughts and prayers.

I did something new to me on my card. I stamped one boot masked it then stamped the second one. It may sound silly but I was just tickled that it turned out so well. Learned a lesson, don’t mask with cardstock it leaves a little gap at the edge, paper next time. In this case quickly remedied with a marker. I watercolored the boots then heat embossed silver EP on the spurs. Big Scalloped Squared was used to cut and emboss. A few iron on studs were glued to the corner and a bit of jewelry hemp to finish.

Have an Amazing Day!
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  1. Sorry to hear about the fire hope it settled and the smoke calms down soon, l just love your card those boots remind me of my earlier years infact l still have a pair in my wardrobe perhaps l should get them out and post them on my blog see what response l get and l reckon there will be lots more hanging around in other love the background papers and sentiments truly a lovely card:) Sandra H

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. How frightening for everyone. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It is so dry here I fear that too. Your card is super. I am a country gal.

  3. So cool, thanks for sharing!
    Hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!

  4. Hope Jim is more comfortable now Bernie (((hug))
    My Hub used to be a fire fighter but went to nothing like those fires.
    Your Card is great and I would never have know you had masked it if you hadn't said! WOW

  5. So sorry to hear about the fire. I hope Jim is alright. Prayers go out to the people affected. Great job with the masking! Love your card.

  6. I hope your husband is breating easier now, so sad to hear of the wildfire,let's hope it is out soon!
    The masking looks perfect to me! i like to use post-it notes when I mask and when I am done I stick the mask to the stamp (or put it in the binder the set is stored in, right in the page protector with the set) so I won't have to cut it more tha once!

  7. Oh Bernie .. .. how scary and worrying. I'm so sorry!!

    All of those poor people losing their homes.

    A reminder to count my blessings!!

    I hope that Jim is able to breath a little better now. With being so new to your blog I hadn't realised that he was so poorly :-(

    Your card is lovely by the way and your masking looks great. It's nice to do something new on your cards every so often isn't it.

    Take care Bernie and cyber hugs to you and Jim.

    Love Jules xx

  8. terrible news about the forest fire-hope they are able to get it under control quickly-you have posted a really cute card-great work with the masking

    Congrats!!you won the blog candy I was offering-you can send me an email with a way to get in touch with you-I have an email link to me on my blog

  9. Bernie, this really is bad news about the fires. And, I'm sure terrible for you husband..I didn't realize he had this terrible problem. Sending big hugs to you.
    Oh, looks like you won blog candy...yea!
    Your card is super and you did a great job masking.

  10. Hi Bernie,
    Sorry to hear the news but hope by now everything is getting back to normal...I didn't realise your Hubby was ill,big hugs to you both...Fabulous card...
    Mandy x

  11. oh no thats terrible about the fire and your poor Jim, I hope his breathing has improved...your card is brilliant, I love the boots
    Mina xxx

  12. I hope things have improved since you posted this and I'm so sorry to hear that Jim suffered so much because of the fires. I love the card and I'd never have know you masked--great job!!! I get excited when I learn something new, too. ;D

  13. I hope that Jim is breathing easier now Bernie and that the smoke has cleared!

    I adore your sweet card. I actually thought that the boots already came together as one stamp. You've done a GREAT job masking! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back :)

    Praying you and Jim have a glorious week ♥
    Love and blessings,

  14. I love your card its gorgeous, i hope that Jim is feeling better now hus pops x

  15. I hope by now the fire has been brought under control and that your Jim is recovering from the smoke inhalation he suffered as a result.

    Your card is cute - you made a great job of masking to make a pair of boots. I use Post-Its to make masks - it's as light as paper and there's a sticky end which is so useful. A tip I heard only today is to cut inside the outer edge of the stamped image when creating a mask to prevent that white outline appearing. Love the plaid patterned paper too.

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:-

    Elizabeth x

  16. Hi Bernie. I've just hopped in as no new posts were coming up - plus my comment on this gorgeous card has also disappeared! I love this card - masking is such fun and you've got it done to a fine art. Someone suggested that it can be a good idea to go round images with very pale grey (even if not masked) as it makes them 'pop' a bit more. I tried this on the last card I used masking on and it works a treat!

    It's early morning here - I need to do WOYWW and showcase your fabulous work. I was squealing like a big kid when Mr Postie arrived yesterday. Thank you so much honey - email will follow once I've had a shower, had coffee fix and breakfast and waved Len off to play Robin Hood. I'm still stunned here - thank you sooooo much again! Hugs, Di xx


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