Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sorry I don't have a card to share today.  I’ve had one of THOSE days. First my paper trimmer blade was so dull it frayed my card stock. Changed the blade only to find my ATG was out of adhesive and I didn’t have another roll in my stash. Get dress, run up to the craft shop and me without a coupon! Home again, load the ATG and put the card together. All it needed was to trim the ends of the bow. What could go wrong?  I nipped the tip of my finger with my new scissors! Who would have imagined such an itsy bitsy teeny tiny little cut could bleed so much!  You know I bled all over the card. AAGGHH! I’ve turned out the lights in the Closet for the day. I’m afraid of what else could happen in there.

So why do I need your help? I have three white gel pens, Marvy, Tombow and Gelly Roll and I can’t for the life of me get a drop of ink from any of them. They are all new. None of them have that little seal on the tip and I have tried pushing on them to try to get the ink to the tip. Any suggestions before they all go in the trash along with the bloody card.

Hope you are all having a fabulous crafty day, at the very least better then mine.








  1. Oh gosh Bernie, Sound like your day went really bad!! as for the pens not sure if l can help have they dried up?!! could you take them back to where you bought them? hopefully someone might help or could you google it...........now theres a thought!! hopefully you will get an answer from someone take care and take it easy don't want any more mishaps and l hope your finger isn't too sore those cuts and take ages to heal and very painful:)xx

  2. My gosh, what a dreadful day...nothing going right for you. Take care of that finger. I sure wish I could help with the pens but I'm afraid I can't. Good luck, though.

  3. Bernie a bad day in the craft room.. it can be a dangerous business.. I stuck my finger with a pokey tool it hurt for days.. take it easy.. and look after that finger as for the glues.. not sure what to do with them.. it must be driving you mad as they are new!! if no-luck I would take them back!! Hugs May x x x

  4. Hi Bernie

    Well I have heard of bad days at the office .. .. but have certainly had a bad day in the craft closet!!!

    Hope your finger is a bit happier now!

    What shame about the pens.

    I bought a new type of glue pen the other week and was having the same problem as you. Then in very, very small print on the pen (which I had to take my glasses off to be able to read) was a tip to keeping putting the lid on and off the pen to "pump it back into action" if it stops working.

    Might this help you?

    Otherwise I wipe the ends really well with a baby wipe just in case some of the ink has dried up and stopped the ball from moving and then slowly draw in a circular motion - pressing the ball in as you are doing it.

    Both sound a bit naff ideas but I hope something works for you. If not try and get your money back. These things aren't cheap are they.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Ouch! I cut my finger like that not too long ago, but was lucky enough to snatch it away before it bled on my card! Who knew how dangerous cardmaking could be, right? ;) As for the gel pen, I have two that have never worked right. I see people using them in videos and they are fantastic, but I have a dickens of a time getting a smooth flow. If you find something that works, let me know!!! ~Hugs!

  6. Eek, that is one heck of a day! Wow! You poor thing and so sorry about your card. If it makes you feel better, My very very first DT card I had to make was ruined....I had spent hours working on a project because I had added sand that had to try and placement just so of everything else. I was so nervous since it was a new company getting off the ground and my first assignment. Wouldn't you know that I picked up my ink pad to put away and the top came off and flipped right down on my project. It was not salvageable. I wanted to cry and I may have even a little.

    I have had the same issue with the pens. I think they just try up and harden quickly. Short shelf life. You have no idea how long they have been in the stores or warehouses .


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