Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet Memories

Hi There; Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I learned Friday evening my Uncle Walter had passed away. My father was one of eight, with Uncle’s passing there are only two brothers left. As a child nearly all of my family lived on the same country road. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and LOTS of cousins. My daily life was filled with family. Sadly over time most move away and because of his poor hearing I hadn’t spoken to my uncle in many years. Still as I made cards for my aunt, cousin, and uncles sweet childhood memories filled my head.

When they were first married my Aunty Violet hated being alone at night while Uncle Walter worked. I was just a little thing but every evening just before dark I would walk next door to keep her company till Uncle got home. I don’t really remember what we did all evening but at bed time she’d tuck me into Uncle’s side of their big bed. When he got home he’d gently pick me up and carry me to the guest room. Most nights he’d wake me but I always pretended I was asleep because I knew just before he’d put me into bed he would kiss me on the forehead and whisper ’Bless you’ then tuck me in. It always made me feel like a princess.  

This card is for my aunt. I began by embossing my card base with Lattice Rectangle. I wrapped my ribbon around the card base and added a printed prayer on the inside to hide the ribbon. I printed my sentiment then cut and embossed it with a smaller Lattice Rectangle. The leaves are Spellbinder’s Foliage. The flowers from my stash.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Have an Amazing Day!


  1. I'm sorry about your uncle, Bernie.. :( From your story, I can tell he was a really sweet uncle and he loved you very much. I come from a very closely-knit family too and I would be heartbroken if I lost anyone in it..

    Your card is gorgeous, it's elegant and clean and such a labor of love. It would definitely bring much-needed comfort for Aunty Violet.

    Thank you for visiting me at Beautiful Craft Spaces, Bernie. :) I really appreciate it. I'll be dropping by again soon!

  2. Hi Bernie

    What a lovely post .. .. beautiful memories of a dear Uncle .. .. he sounds a special person.

    You made me smile about being carried and feeling like a Princess. My Dad used to do that for me. I would pretend to be asleep on the settee just to get a carry to bed .. I loved it.

    Sometimes now I fall asleep on the settee and when I wake up think of him and then ask my hubby to carry me to bed so I can get that feeling back again .. .. sadly I never get a carry now .. must be something to do with all the extra stones I have put on since I was 6!!!

    But I have special memories just like you have.

    You have made a very special card. It is clearly filled with love and is very beautiful. Your Auntie Violet will love it!!

    Take care Bernie.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Hi Bernie

    What a truly beautiful card, and such a touching story about your Uncle Walter. He sounds a very special man who will be missed a lot. Your elegant card and the love put into the making of it will bring some comfort to your Aunty Violet. Hugs, Di xxx

  4. Hi Bernie, so sorry for your loss, your card is beautiful it must of taken some doing knowing it was for a relative although sometimes it can help knowing your doing this for a member of the family take care:) Sandra H

  5. Bernie, not only is this a beautiful card, it brought tears to my eyes just reading your sweet, sweet story. So sorry for your loss. Time moves on and we have heartaches but good memories, too. Hugs~~~


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