Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Afternoon

Hi There
I don't usually post at this time of day but you’ve all been so sweet and supportive I feel dreadful for not updating on Jim doctor’s appointment. Things have been a little frenzied here and my head it’s quite screwed on tight.

I only won half the battle with Jim’s doctor. He has agreed to taking Jim off the one medication we have felt has been doing him more harm then good but he wants to see how Jim does before considering increasing his dose of prednisone. Jim says he is already feeling better, he isn’t dizzy anymore and I‘ve noticed his memory has improved, some. Some of the other issues may take a bit longer to get out of his system but we feel we may be on the right track. Yesterday he actually felt well enough to go out to lunch and a drive around town. Can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve been able to do. Nothing special but it was a lovely afternoon.

Regarding the A2 size cards.  I must admit when Terry asked I needed to look it up. It seems several of you are unfamiliar with that term as well. An A2 size card is 4 ¼” X 5 ½” folded.

My card reader seems to be on the fritz. Until I get it replaced and can upload current photos I thought I’d share a card I made some years ago for my granddaughter Whitney. I don’t remember where I found the tutorial for this card. I do remember I found it confusing and ended up with a LOT of scraps as I had a dickens of a time getting it scored and cut properly. I also remember I took an oath never to try to make another like it. I don't know why but when opened flat every photo came out blue, the first photo shows it's true colors.

Okay what happened to spring?  We had one glorious day of sunshine and a brake from the winds, ONE day and it was gone again.  It is cold, overcast and blustery here.  Even had some snow, not a lot, it didn't last but still it was snow.  Come on spring!

Be Well and Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Hi Bernie, oh my goodness what a fabulous creation ......stunning:)x

  2. Beautiful card. Looks like a lot of work. You did a wonderful job. TFS

  3. great news regarding your hubby's health-and this card is lovely-I am sure your granddaughter loved it

  4. Great news about Jim Bernie, here's hoping things are more on the 'up'.

    Wow, this card is gorgeous - I love it! As always, you've done a brilliant job!

    BTW, is it your SD card reader that's playing up? You can get a card reader that plugs into a USB socket on your PC/laptop. I posted about mine here.


    I wore out the spring mechanism in my main laptop and this is just great!

    Have a nice day! Love, Di xx

  5. Hello Bernie

    Fab news about Jim's medication.

    Your card is fabulous, I love the shape and soft gentle colours.

  6. Glad to hear that the change of medication has made so much difference so far. Long may it last.

    Your A2 paper size is so different from our A2 size over here. Ours is huge, where yours is apparently tiny. No wonder we were confused.

    Thank you for your visit and kind comments on my cards. They were much appreciated. Have a good week. xx Maggi

  7. I'll bet your granddaughter loved this! Fabulous project!! Well wishes for your husband!

  8. Hi Bernie

    I am pleased that Jim's medication change is making a difference.

    We found exactly the same with my Mum.

    We persuaded her to move to a doctor nearer her home and the first thing they did was change her medication "gradually".

    Hope you get your card reader sorted soon .. .. but in the meantime this is a fabby make.

    Hope you have a good week.

    Love Jules xx

    She too found her dizzy spells disappearing and her memory is much better.

  9. Hi sweetie this is just gorgeous, loving the colours too, gorgeous work as always hugs pops x x x

  10. Bernie, so glad things are looking up a bit for your husband. Glad you could enjoy some time out. I'm sure it was very special.

    Your project was indeed a very pretty one and bet your granddaughter loved it. Sometimes, it is fun to try new things.

    It is unbelievable how early things have happened this Spring here in Alabama. Our trees are out leafed out, grass is green, hostas up about 4 inches. Everything is a month early. But, with the temps staying in the 70's and 80's, that is what happens. I pray for no big frost. I never feel safe from that until the 15th of April.

    Have a great week, Bernie.

  11. Back to say, I see you said that wasn't you in the photo you posted earlier. You know the one I'm talking about. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

  12. Hi Berni thanks for the comment on my blog :) Love you box , so pretty and so glad that things are getting better xx
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