Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A St. Patrick’s Day Card


Thank you all ever so much for your well wishes for Jim. His chest X-rays, CAT scans and lab work went well and most amazingly we did not have to wait more then a few minuets for each.

The blood gas draw was another story. Since Jim’s vision is poor I am the designated driver in this household. Jim has had blood gases drawn before and knew it would be very painful. He was more then a little apprehensive on the way to the hospital and insisted on telling me how to drive. When he screamed (and scared the living day lights out of me) that a car was coming ( the car was actually going the other way) I told him if he wasn’t quiet I was going to gag, blind fold and stuff him in the trunk. Honestly it’s a wonder I don’t drink.

Drawing blood for gases is not only painful but difficult under the best of circumstances. At the hospital a lovely gentleman tried once but was unsuccessful. He said he didn’t feel comfortable trying again so a sweet young lady took over. I could see on Jim’s face that it really was painful but he was being so brave. Apologizing profusely for hurting him she quit after two tries. Jim was very happy to hear the hospital’s policy is to only try three times. ATM we are waiting to hear test results and if the doctor will insist on the blood gases being done.

Poor Jim, to add insult to injury I insisted he use a wheelchair. Not good for his ego but best for him in all other respects except maybe having me as his driver. The first few tests we had a normal size wheelchair which I had no problem driving. Jim finally said ‘rolling is better then strolling‘ sat back and relaxed. He shouldn’t have spoken so soon. At the hospital we had a super size chair for people with wider then normal backsides. The lab was DEEP within the bowels of the hospital. According to Jim, yours truly managed to hit, bang and generally run into and or over everything and anything that didn’t get out of my way going and coming. I don’t need advice when driving a car but I’ve never driven a wheelchair before. Really, he could have given me some warnings, especially about the little old lady with the walker. I do admit to taking the paint off a few doorways but no one was hurt. Okay enough of that, on to my card.

Our dearest friends are Irish giving me an excellent excuse to make a St. Patty‘s Day card. I’m not sure why but I’m not totally pleased with this card. I began with an embossed dark green card and layered on a scrap of olive green paper. I wanted to high light my sentiment with a darker green but found my SB circle dies were either to small or to large so I embossed it with two different sizes at the same time then hand cut at the embossed edge of the larger size. The sentiment was computer generated then cut out with a lacey circle die. The toile ribbon is from Little Black Dress Designs. The shamrock was made by punching three hearts and inking the edges . The Happy St. Patty’s Day sentiment is a Studio G clear $1 stamp, cut out by hand as well. Finished off with ’brads’

Cheap Trick: I make my own ‘brads’. I use a standard office paper punch to punch out little circles then used my embossing tool to shape them. A little pop dot inside helps them to keep their shape on the card.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Brilliant card Bernie - such a clever way to make the shamrock too! Great tip about the card candi you made - I've been thinking about that as a possible but never tried it. You sure did a great job!

    I did laugh about you driving the wheelchair - poor Jim! Are you going back a second time - this time to apologise and do a bit of interior decorating along your route through the hospital? Good to know Jim's results so far are fine - even if his nerves are shot to pieces by a 'woman driver' :)

    Love and hugs, Di xx

  2. Ohh, I love this card! The colors are fabulous. And not to worry...hospital equiptment takes practice and skill. I am a nurse and I still have difficulty running people into the wall in wheel chairs. It makes for a good laugh as long as the injuries are minimal!

  3. Beautiful card Bernie and the sentiment is beautiful too:)

  4. A beautiful card Bernie, and a wonderful sentiment.

  5. Glad to hear the hospital visit went well, hope Jim doesn't have to have that other test again. Funny story about the wheel chair driving! Perhaps you need a permit! Love the card, great sentiment too.


  6. This is beautiful Bernie.. lovley sentiment too and so true. So good to hear the hospital tests went well for Jim. Hugs xxx

  7. Oh, only you can make a trip to the hospital fun. I had a laugh over that wheelchair driving. Hope all goes well with your husband and that tests.
    Your card is super! Love those green hearts and you make awesome brads...who would have known?

  8. this story is just too funny-but I guess a litlle levity was needed to take the edge off the tests being done-this is a great St Paddy's card-and thanks for the tip on the faux brads

  9. Hi Bernie

    Catching up with you at last!!! These Spring brides are definitely keeping me busy!!!

    Poor Jim .. .. I bet he wasn't looking forward to his hospital trip. I hope that all the results come back good.

    As for your driving experiences .. .. I always think hospital wheelchairs are a little like shopping trolleys and have a mind and will of their own!!!

    I love the card you have made for your friends. What a great sentiment.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Very pretty sweetie ♥ Pops x x x

  11. Awww your poor hubby,I have blood tests frequently so sympathise with him,hope the results come back good and he doesn't have to have more bloods taken..Lovely card....
    Mandy x

  12. ooohhhhh your poor Jim I feel for him getting blood for gases is ssssoooo painful because they take it from the artery instead of a vein...its like acid burning...tell him Im with him on that awful test, he should grab somewhere soft and painful on the guy taking it and say 'now we arent going to hurt each other are we' lol...I hope all his results are fine...I love your St Paddys card and thanks for your congratulations it meant so much to me
    Mina xxx

  13. Fab Card! So sorry you are still no nearer to any help for your dear husband.Take care -thinking of you xxx

  14. I do feel for both of your with all those hospital visits, but I am glad you can retain a good sense of humour with the driving and wheelchair stories. If they are anything like the ones at out local hospital, you need to pull them, not push them - they do not steer forwards. Thank you for your visit to my Snippets cards and your kind comments. Hope your week is a good one. xx Maggie

  15. Your card is beautiful. Can't understand why you were not happy with it! Thanks for the tips. Blessings.


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