Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Heroes

Hello Dear Friends;

Thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes, they do mean a great deal. We got Jim’s test results, I’m afraid they didn’t show anything of significance so nothing will be done for him. I do believe his doctor is being far to conservative with his treatments. He has another appointment on the 21st at which time I plan to speak to the doctor regarding it. I do realize increasing some of his medications can have some unfavorable long term side affects but we all know with end stage emphysema there is no long term in his future. I want him as comfortable as possible in the time he has left. Whatever happens we will just make the best of life as it is.

When I saw these little Valentine trading cards and a box of birthday candles in the discount bin marked 75% off I had to have them. I immediately pictured birthday cards for little boys. What little boy doesn’t love Spider Man or Transformers and since they are lenticular I’m sure they will be fascinated by the changing figures as well. The cards only measure 2 ½” X 1 ½” so I needed a big sentiment, this Studio G $1 stamp fit the bill and I believe goes well with the candle. I’ve made several of these for a craft fair.

Same cards different angle.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Brilliant cards Bernie - and lenticular images are sure to fascinate boys!

    Keep fighting Jim's corner Bernie - I do agree about you wanting for comfort for Jim, and no doubt he does too.

    Love, Di xx

  2. Brilliant boy's card Bernie, and such a bargain. Love the idea
    of a candle on the card. Keep on fighting Bernie. My father
    had Emphysema and like you I fought to the end. I agree with
    all you are doing, and will keep you both in my thoughts.

  3. Brilliant boy's card Bernie so love this, keep your spirits alive too Bernie and you take care Hugsxx

  4. Great for the boys, that's for sure...cute images.
    There's no need for your husband to have to suffer any more than he has to so hang in there with the doctor/doctors and make sure he gets whatever is necessary to keep him as comfortable as possible. You're both in my prayers.

  5. These little cards are brilliant - love the candle on them. Your husband is very lucky to have you fighting his corner for him.

  6. Hi Bernie

    Thee are so cute .. .. and perfect for the men folk .. .. be them new or old!!

    Sorry that there wasn't some more positive news for you both.

    Make sure you take care of yourself alongside looking after Jim.

    Love Jules xx

  7. They are great! I love the idea of popping a candle on there :)

  8. What a great idea. These are really cute.

  9. These are fabulous Bernie,great idea...I'm so sorry your having to push to get the help your husband needs fingers crossed you get sorted and he is more comfortable...
    Mandy x

  10. Now that is a brilliant idea!!!! Love the candle!

    Sending positive thoughts your way for you and Jim!!!!


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