Friday, March 2, 2012

Mariposa Sympathy

Good Morning!
What a difference a sunny day can make.  It was a bit nippy and a little breezy but the sun was shinning and the sky crystal clear and the bluest of blue.  I donned my hat and coat and I sat on the back step just letting the sun beat down on me. It was glorious and I do feel so much the better for it.   The weather guys say today is supposed to be a repeat of the same.  Although I'll be spending the better part of the day waiting on Jim as he has his CAT scan and lab work I do plan to find some time to sit in the sun.  I do hope you will all enjoy a lovely sunny day as well.

March is National Craft Month.  Anyone who has followed me for a while wont be surprised to hear I've saved a few of my Christmas gift cards for the March sales.  This weekend every craft shop in town has a sale, the coupons have already been printed and more are arriving in the mail daily.  I'll leave you all to guess what I'll be up to this weekend. :)            

My cards today are quite simple as once again I’ve allowed this lovely paper from DCWV Mariposa matstak do all the work. I simply cut inside the printed frame, inked the white edges, threaded my ribbon thru the frame then added my sentiment behind it all. The paper seemed to lend itself to a sympathy card so I went with it.  I'm loving this matstack so much I think I'll get another. 

These are for an upcoming craft fair. I was not able to get a table at the Come On Spring craft fair as I’d hoped. It is always THE event of the season. They don’t announce a call for vendors, instead it is done by word of mouth. The mouths that promised to let me know DIDN'T.  Althought it's been treated as Top Secret information I have managed to get the name and number of the event coordinator.  Hopefully she’ll have a table for me at Christmas. Although it was the event I’d really hoped to take part in there will be others.


Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. Our day was similar here Bernie, so good to sit outside and feel the sun!

    Love these cards, my Mariposa stack is a great favourite and I love your sympathy cards. Hope you have a fun filled bargain hunting spree :)

    Thinking of Jim too of course and hoping all goes well.

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Beautiful cards Bernie, and I agree let the design paper
    do the work.

    We have similar weather here just now, but forecast for snow in March.

    Enjoy your shopping spree.

    I hope all goes well at the hospital.

  3. It's not as sunny as it was here yesterday :( Nevermind! Glad you have got sunshine!
    Enjoy spending your vouchers, I'm afraid mine didn't last very long and were spent by mid January!!
    Lovely cards too.
    Hope everything goes ok at the hospital.
    Laura xx

  4. Your so right Bernie about the Sun it does make you feel good in yourself and its nice to beable to get out without being so wrapped up long will it last they have forecast bad weather for Sunday just hope they are wrong, Your cards are so beautiful like you say simply but oh so beautiful and elegant, have a lovely weekend:)

  5. Lovely cards - very elegant. Hope all goes well for your husband.

  6. WOW! These are beautiful. I will have to find this paper.

  7. These are beautiful Bernie, so elegant.. sorry to hear you didn't manage to get a table at the fair and hope everything goes well for your husband xxx

  8. Perfect Sympathy cards, just the right balance. We used to get loads of butterflies in our garden but then we lost several of our buddlejas and never got round to replacing them, but we have got three on order to add to all the other things we are planting. So fingers crossed. Thank you for your lovely comments on my Snippet cards this week. xx Maggie

  9. These are so elegant and pretty! Love the simple beauty.

  10. Wow! These are beautiful, Bernie. Sorry you couldn't do the Craft Fair you really wanted to do....such is life, I suppose. Anyway, you've done a great job on these lovely cards.

  11. Oh my gosh Bernie, these cards are stunning. Are your cards A2 size? I love viewing your creations. Thanks so much for sharing.


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