Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Something Something

Hey There

What to do you do when your Cuttlebug plates become  warped and distorted to the point you know one more go and it'll surely snap.  Well if you were me you'd fix your wonderful son a nice dinner, say Pretty Please and before you know it you'll have a pile of new plates. 

My son Matt works for a sign supply shop.  They supply all the sign shops in the area with anything from canvas to metal and everything in between.  They often cut supplies to order and Matt, being his mother's son, can never bring himself to toss the bits and pieces that are to small to sell. He stores them in a corner of the shop and when a customer needs just a bit of something he will give it to them.  Good customer relations.

When I got my Cuttlebug it didn't have a C plate.  I gave Matt the dimensions for both C and B plates and he found just what I needed in his little corner.  The C plate is opaque but that has never been an issue for me.  On Thursday I showed Matt my sad B plate.  He measured it and Friday he dropped off FIVE plates.  Bless his heart.    

I've left the protective sheets on four of my new plates as it is rather difficult to photograph a clear plate.  You can see my C plate on the bottom of the pile.  Okay so it doesn't say C or B plate and the corners aren't rounded off like the real thing but they work like a charm.  SO if you happen to live near a sign supply shop or may know someone who works at one you might just ask nicely.  The worst that could happen is they'll say no and you'd be no worst off but you may just get lucky and walk away with a few free plates.

Have an Amazing Day!


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  1. What a good tip thank you for sharing this and l hope your new plates last for ages:)x

  2. thats a brilliant idea Bernie and it must save a fortune...are they very expensive...the originals I mean not the ones from your son
    Mina xxx

  3. Great idea there - pity we live so far apart!

  4. What a great idea Bernie, must remember that! Love the card you have made for your grandson down below, the layout is great. hugs heidi x

  5. Any chance I can adopt Matt? Or, I could swap him for Len's Matt if you like :)

    Great idea - have a lovely day Bernie!


  6. What a great idea. And such a nice son to make FIVE of them for you. I will have to search out a place to get some for myself. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Fabulous idea and what a great son for helping you out....
    Mandy x

  8. Hello Bernie ... many thanks for your very kind comments on my blog ... sorry it has taken a while to get back to you (been one of "those" weeks). If I were to do them again, I'd tackle the patchwork cards slightly differently but, even though they were not quite what I had imagined, everyone's kind words has convinced me they are passable and one is in the post this morning as a retirement card. The zig-zag stamping needs practise ... had the stamp for quite a number of years and never used it so just goes to show what you can have lurking in the depths of your cupboard! Love Debbie xXx

  9. You're one very lucky lady - five plates wow. Your son sounds like a very thoughtful man.

  10. What a brilliant idea for those plates. I cringe every time I put anything through my Cuttlebug for fear that I might snap an expensive plate. thank you for your visit this week, and I am glad to report that the bees are diminishing and that Flash is now running round like a lunatic as normal, still on painkillers but he seems fine. have a good week. xx Maggie

  11. Bernie....are you saying you bribe your son with a good meal? LOL What a wonderful son! I wish it could be my plate that broke but I broke my Cuttlebug. It was the one with the smaller carriage and I don't see those in the stores now...just the wide carriage ones. I have that with my Grand Calibur but I sure miss the old Cuttlebug. I could probably find one on ebay or somewhere.


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