Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Fabulous Day

Hi There

Sorry for the late hour but our power has been out.

After weeks of praying for Jim I have been saying a lot of prayers of thanks in the last few days. He is doing so very well. They removed that tube this afternoon. He feels so much better, it had been bothering him a great deal in the last few days.

He was allowed to have cream of chicken soup and chocolate pudding with whipped cream, two favorites but he was especially happy to have his cold glass of milk again. He tolerated it all very well.

Seems he wont need to escape after all. Dr. says going home on Tuesday is very possible but maybe not till Wed. I am preparing for his homecoming. He is so weak I am afraid he might fall. I want to be sure all his needs are addressed. I maybe over doing it a bit but I don’t want to have to leave him alone while I run out to get something he needs in the first few days at least.

He has an appointment with the dietitian tomorrow afternoon per his request. He wants to know what he can and can’t have which tells me he is going to be very cautious, for a while at least.

Whilst the power was out I made Jim’s card for tomorrow by the light of a battery operated lantern. You’ll have to wait to see it but here is his card for today.

We had a scary storm this evening. With thunder boomers you can feel deep in your chest, lightening, strong winds and finally heavy rains.  I am always exhilarated by storms like this but the potential for fires is frightening. We had the longest spring in my memory, seems summer has been trying to make up for lost time now. It’s been HOT!!! 104 today! The temperature dropped from 95 to 75 in less the half an hour once the rains came.

The long cool damp spring has brought us lots of vegetation, unfortunately it is all dried out now and the rains didn't lasted long enough to be of help, we are still under red flag warnings.  It wont take much to to touch off a brush or forest fire.  We are told to expect more storms like this minus the rains over the next three days. 

I am so grateful we have the VERY BEST firefighters on the planet in our area. They have kept fires from getting out of control under extreme conditions year after year. It is a comfort to know they stand at the ready. Our military put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, these men and women put their lives on the line to protect our lives and homes. They are our unsung heroes in my eyes. I feel they should be given just as much respect and honor as our military heroes.

I am hopeful once I get Jim home and settled I will finally be able to comment on your lovely blogs again. I don’t think I’ve done that for well over a month. See Ya tomorrow, weather permitting.




  1. Hi Bernie

    I am so very, very pleased that each day brings better and better news.

    What a worrying time you have both been through.

    I have been loving all the cards you have been making for Jim .. .. and I bet he has loved them too. This one is so lovely and the sentiment is great.

    Making one by a battery powered lantern is definitely dedication to duty. Did you use "glow in the dark" stickers to help?!! LOL!!!

    I bet you can't wait until Tuesday/Wednesday.

    Love Jules xx

  2. YAY . . . so pleased all is going well for you and Jim. I have browsed through your blog and been looking at the lovely cards you've made over the past week or so.

    Keeping fingers crossed the storms pass by safely and that Jim can come home by midweek.

    Sarn xxx

  3. So pleased to hear more good news Bernie. Love your card as I bet Jim did too. Hope the storms pass quickly. Carol x

  4. So nice hear Jim is still improving and coming home probably Wednesday love your card keep you spirits up your doing really well:)x

  5. Great news indeed. I expect you are running ragged trying to have everything prepared...totally understandable. I'm so thankful your Jim is doing so well and planning intelligently for coming home. Will make it a bit easier for you, hopefully. The card is so soft, green & cool looking. Just lovely. Hope you don't have to contend with any fires. You've had ENOUGH to deal with! Your priorities are your Mr., and the blog surfing can wait til a better time. Many blessings & hugs good buddy.

  6. So smart to prepare as you have and so glad he wanted to meet with the dietician!

    Your card is darling!!!

    You are amazing creating by lantern! I can't wait to see that gem! You are just the best wife ever!


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