Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 5

I’m a bit earlier today and happy to say Jim is in much better spirits. Thank heaven, yesterday wasn’t very pleasant for anyone around him. He is quite cheerful and looks a bit more rested today.

Also happy to report all of his tests continue to show improvement, ever so slight but improvement nonetheless. He still has a very long ways to go but we are thankful he is headed in the right direction.

If it’s not one thing it’s another. Apparently at the same time his other medications were discontinued Jim’s medication for water retention had been discontinued again without discussion and for reasons that defy reason. His feet are swollen like balloons. We really don’t need for him to go into kidney failure or congestive heart failure now do we. He says he wasn’t very nice to the doctor but doctor has agreed it should be restored immediately.

I must say for the most part the people in charge of Jim’s care have been wonderful but as in every part of life there are always a few who can really make a mess of things.

I keep getting the asked ‘Why can’t they just do this, that or the next thing to get him better faster?” They have been doing this for many years. They’ve probably tried this, that and the next thing and found it didn’t work. We have to trust his treatment plan is the best way to treat him and how ever long it takes it will be successful.

Jim was admitted to the hospital on Friday. I’ve made a card for him every day beginning on Sat. I’ve been posting them one day late so I am playing catch up today with two cards to share.

This is he card for Monday:

When I first bought my SB Floral Flourishes I cut the entire set just to see what they looked like, these are bits from that test run.

Making masculine cards is more then a little difficult for me. Last night I was a total blank. My Mojo had gone into hiding. I finally admitted defeat and went to bed afraid I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goal of making him a card every day he is in the hospital. This morning I turned on the news and saw a dragster and the idea for this card was born. I Goggled drag racers clipart and found this image. Print, cut and emboss with SB Labels Seven. The sentiment was computer generated and cut by hand.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my daily update.




  1. Both great cards. Good to know that Jim is feeling a bit better. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Super cards Bernie, but most importantly it's good to know that Jim is feeling a little better. Take care of yourself too honey! Love and hugs, Di xx

  3. Good news Bernie - glad he is "on the mend" as we say here. Men's cards are so difficult but there are some very good vintage images which are free on http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.co.uk/ and also www.freevintagedigitalstamps.blogspot.co.uk I especially love the images on the second site - hope they help.

  4. Hi Bernie

    I have been checking in each day to see what is happening with you both .. .. so pleased things are "slowly" heading in the right direction.

    Great cards. I bet Jim really looks forward to seeing what you have made him each day.

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Brilliant cards Bernie, and great news about Jim.

  6. Hi Bernie, So nice to see your cards and lovely to hear Jim is feeling a little better it will take time and he's going in the right direction:)x

  7. Hi Bernie, Happy to hear your Jim is getting better, and LOVE all your cards. Not any surprise that your MoJo might not be at its highest, with all you are dealing with! And yes, the grouchies usually mean that the DH is getting a little better..at least around OUR house. :-) Hope you guys can manage to still enjoy a bit of the holiday, even if not at home where you'd rather be. Hugs and many prayers for continued improvement.

  8. Two lovely cards that I'm sure are helping Jim on his road to recovery. M x

  9. Your cards are lovely and I know make him feel so loved when everything is blah right now.

    I remember when my grandmother would get admitted her meds would get screwed up. So frustrating when you are at the hands of new staff.


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