Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oscar the Grouch

Good Evening

Sorry for being so late, Blogger woudn't let me post ealier and I fell sound asleep after dinner. I’m not surprised, this has been an exhausting experience.    

Jim was definitely feeling better today. I know because he complained about everything. He had been to sick to complain before, now we’ll just call him Oscar the Grouch. I’m sure it’s no fun being in his shoes. He is most upset that he isn’t allowed to have a sip of water and they limit the amount of ice chips he can have. He remains unconvinced it is harmful to him.

His lung specialist was consulted and all his medications have been restored. He had a much more comfortable night. Most notably his hick ups and diaphragm spasms have diminished. Those are so painful for him  (not to mention difficult to watch) and his oxygen saturation monitor would go off with each spasm. Neither he nor his poor roommate got any sleep as a result. I am sure Luis was not sorry to see him go when they moved Jim to another room late yesterday.

He is still in pain at the area of the infection/obstruction and still suffering miserably from stomach acid. I’m afraid until the infection is cleared neither will improve. His tests are improving ever so slightly but he has a very long way to go and surgery is still our greatest fear. 

 This is Jim’s card for the day. I found a negative scrap, trimmed it to size and printed the rest.

When I came home Friday evening after getting Jim settled at the hospital his dog ran around the house inside and out looking for him. When she couldn’t find him she climbed on his bed and cried. It was the most mournful cry I’ve ever heard. The poor thing is so sad and blames me for taking her Daddy way. I tired to take a photo of her to use on a card but she wont look at me. Turns her head from me every time I get close.

Dosen't she look sad.  Jim absolutely loves having the photos of his little girl and has been showing it to everyone who will stand still long enough to look.

Someone said they hoped Jim’s disposition would be better tomorrow. I don’t like being the victim of it but if it means he is getting well I’ll take him just the way he is. I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully a little earlier.




  1. Hi Bernie. Just popped over to see how you were getting on and if there was any improvement on Jim, or should I say Oscar! That is good news that he is complaining. Pretty little dog and I am sure she will be wagging her tail when she sees Jim again!

  2. Funny how men start to complain when they are improving. It's good to see that he is feeling a little better. Hopefully this will continue and he will be home with you very soon.

  3. Hope the improvements continue Bernie and he'll soon be home again. Hugs Carol x

  4. Hello Bernie. I'm glad to hear that Jim is feeling a little better. His doggie is adorable. She looks like a white Abby :0)

  5. Hi Bernie, Nice to hear Jim is feeling better hopfully he will continue to improve and isn't she a little darling:)x

  6. Bernie I know I am starting way back but trying to catch up on what you have endured. The story of your dog looking for Jim made me so sad!

    Bless you and i know your cards are making his days brighter. He is lucky to have you and he knows it. I can only imagine how frustrated he is. He gets Oscar grouch rights.


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