Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 7


It's been a long week but finally a day when everything went right. Although the CAT scan didn’t show any change his numbers are good. All medications have been administered at the proper time and proper dosage and all equipment is functioning properly.   Poor guy is hooked up to so many tubes and electrodes, this morning they added compression leggings to the mix.  If there is an Olympic event where by one needs to get pass an obstacle course of tubes, electrodes, monitors and the like just to get a kiss from the guy you love, I'm sure I'd take home the Gold.    

Jim’s pain level remains low, his spirits are good and he seems to be comfortable except for the periodic bouts of the dry heaves.

The poor guy is completely exhausted though. Every time he falls asleep one monitor or another will sound off, the phone rings or a nurse will come in to disturb his sleep. We can’t do anything about the monitors or the nurses but I am going to ask if they can block his calls for a few days, maybe he'll get some rest. 

Everyone keeps asking when he is coming home.  At this point we don't know, I suspect it'll be another week if everything goes as planned.  Surgery remains our greatest fear.

I felt exhausted myself so I unplugged our home phones and took a lovely long nap this afternoon. I feel all the better for it. 

This week Joann’s had a Military Personnel Appreciation Discount. 20% off entire purchase for past and present service members. Bless his heart, Jim insisted I take advantage of it. Since they are located between the hospital and our home I did. Besides some ribbons, card stock, stamps and stocking up on trimmer blades and ATG adhesive I got two Fiskars star punches I’ve been wanting for ages. Believe it or not everything was already on sale, 40% off. Sweet!



I used my new punches and a tiny shinny confetti star to make Jim’s card for the day.

This card was for our daughter Donna who had minor surgery this morning. She did well and is now home. She spent the day recovering at the opposite end of the same floor Jim is on. Daddy needed periodic reports on how she was doing. Maybe that’s why I needed a nap today, I did walk back and forth between their rooms several times. She visited with him before she left for home.  Nothing like seeing for himself to set his mind at ease.

Sorry I didn't realize the photos were so dark until after they'd been delivered.   

Thank you all for your continued support, well wishes and especially for your prayers.  Please don’t worry about me, I am taking care of myself as best I can under the circumstances. 

I'm off to make Jim's card for tomorrow.  I think my Mojo is hiding with the dust bunnies under the bed though so wish me luck. 

Love & Blessings


  1. So glad things are progressing in the right direction Bernie and I hope it continues.
    Two lovely cards too.
    Take care.
    Carol x

  2. Two beautiful cards. Long may the progress continue. I'll be looking out for you in the Olympic obstacle course! M x

  3. Bernie, this must have been a long day!!! You are going to need a long vacation!

    Your cards are gorgeous. I always miss the Joanne's sale with all that is going on with activities. Glad you scored!


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