Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home At Last

At the moment Jim is laying in his very own bed with his beloved dog sleeping beside him. I don’t think there are two happier creatures anywhere.

After an agonizing wait for the IV tech to remove Jim’s PIC line so we could leave I went to the nurses station and asked when it would be done.  "Sorry there is no order written for that." I was not pleased in the least. As it turns out the order had been written but the IV tech was busy. You know the squeaky wheel really does get the grease because she arrived shortly there after and we were happily on our way home.

More good news from my sister Donna. Her situation has been improved. It is a major step but there are still many layers of her onion which will probably take quite some time to peel thur.

It’s like Christmas, the house is filled with Peace and Joy.

Unless something comes up this will be my last post about Jim. Once again thank you to everyone who has stood by in prayer and with words of comfort and encouragement. You will never know how very much it has meant to us.

Sure wish I could send some of our over abundance of sunshine (104 F - 40 C again today) to my friends across the pond and you could send us a bit of your rain. Wouldn’t that be a lovely exchange.

I may take a day or so to adjust to whatever our new normal is. I’ll return soon.




  1. Glad to see that Jim is back home - he will recuperate so much more quickly in his own home and with you there. Enjoy the peace and normality.

  2. FANTASTIC Bernie - take time just to relax and smell the roses :) Love and hugs, Dixxx

  3. Hi Bernie, glad to read that Jim is home and having his dog with him will only help him towards a full recovery. We have sunshine at last ... the forecast is that it will be with us for a couple of days and then it's back to what has now become the norm, rain, so we are making hay while the sun shines :) Elizabeth xx

  4. Wahooooo! I am so pleased to read this for both of you xxx

  5. Oh thats good news Bernie l am so pleased for you and to have Jim home will make a lot of difference to you both.....take care:)x

  6. Just the greatest news. So pleased for you. Enjoy! M x

  7. Wonderful news Bernie, so pleased your hubby is home. I bet you have the biggest smile?

    If you could send us some sun we would gladly send you some rain :)

    Have a lovely Sunday x

  8. The greatest news Bernie! So happy is home!


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