Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 6

Hi There

I do hope you have all had a safe and fun fourth. Not much celebrating here but Jim was in good spirits and says he pain level had dropped quite a bit.

All of his medications have been restored and everything seems to be working as it should.

Doctor says his white count went up a bit but that is to be expected and he has gained much more ground then he has lost and we are not to worry about it. So we remain guardedly optimistic.

Jim had a CAT scan late yesterday, unfortunately we wont get the results until tomorrow because today is a holiday.  :(

He had a dreadful night. The tube in his stomach was not draining and that stuff had to come out. It did, often and a lot, on everyone and everything. He said it was payback for all the torment they’ve put him thru but I know felt badly about it. Everyone was sure the equipment was malfunctioning and worked feverishly to repair it. Eventually an X-ray revealed the tube had moved out of his stomach. Once it was replaced it began draining properly and relief was immediate.

Except for a few minuets here and there I haven’t seem Jim sleep since long before he was admitted. He slept for several hours today. It really was wonderful to watch him sleeping so peacefully at last.



Today’s card was inspired by an ad for Sears Fourth Of July Sale. The sentiment was computer generated. I smeared the ink a bit when I distressed it with Tea Dye DI but time is not on my side so it had to do.  Not a very good photo either the scoring doesn't show well. 

They say once a Marine always a Marine so you must never say was a Marine. Jim is a Marine and thus loved the card. 

Thank you for your services my love.  And Thank You to all who have and are serving.

I'll be back tomorrow with the CAT scan results, praying it'll be good news.



  1. Bernie, A BIG thank you to your vet (I have one too, and 5 brothers, a father who served, as well as nephews too). Glad to hear Jim is having a good sleep, and got things straightened around with the tube. I hope YOU are getting a little rest, else you will be worn out when he comes home for you to take care of! (Saw your comment on Becca's place). Hugs

  2. PS...totally forgot to say: NICE card. I could see the scoring, LOVE the sentiment too!

  3. Gosh Bernie this is really beautiful and great new that Jim is improving:)x

  4. Poor Jim reading his ordeal makes me feel so for him. Glad he got some rest.

    Bless him and his service to our Country!

    Love your card!

    Inspiration is all around us.


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