Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Once a Marine

always a Marine

Hi There

Jim is doing well but will need much more of my help then usual until he can regain his strength. So this will be a love you and leave you post.

I was asked by my neighbor to make a 90Th birthday card for her brother who is a Marine.     

She wanted something different so I made an easel card.  I’ve printed the sentiments and USMC emblem (found on the net) then cut and embossed with Labels Seven. I drew then hand cut the dog tags.  They don’t photograph well but are perfect little replicas even with the little tooth notch.

Please, Please, May I Please make a girly card! I can’t take all these masculine cards much longer.  My poor Mojo keeps hiding under the bed and it is taking longer and longer to persuade it to come out. Can't blame it I'm about ready to join it in that cool dark place.

I hope to do some commenting this evening. See Ya soon.



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  1. Good to hear that jim is back home with you. Take care. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Bernie, so happy to hear that the onion layers are getting peeled bit by bit. Great to read the Mr. Jim is home with you, where he belongs! You say your MoJo is missing,but I surely can't tell that from yur wonderful cards. So dedicated are you to be working by lantern light. Card didn't suffer one little bit. Know that you will be resting better now that you got the Mr. back with you. Hope both of you gets lots of rest, so BOTH of you can get better!!! Hugs.

  3. this is a great masculine card Bernie-and what a milestone birthday celebrating 90 years-glad to hear that your hubby is doing well

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Jim is home and starting to recover. I hope you manage to get some time too as you will be exhausted as well. Praying for you both x

  5. A very striking card, Ruth :)

  6. Hi Bernie

    Pleased to be catching up and seeing that Jim is home and content and that it feels like Christmas in your home. That is a lovely feeling!!

    Great male card .. .. I bet your neighbour was well pleased with it.

    OK .. .. you can make a girly card!! LOL!!

    Have a good Sunday.

    Love Jules xx

  7. This is amazing Bernie! I love how you used the Labels 7 as a book! Your handcut dog tags are awesome! Hope you are getting some rest!

  8. Bernie, I had no idea you were back and have been making cards! I knew you were taking off for a bit. So much has happened and I'm so glad prayers were answered and your husband is home and doing better. I can imagine that you have been very stressed.

    The heat hasn't helped. We had 11 straight days in the 100's and two days at 106. Well, we are used to heat but that was too much. And, humdity is what gets us.

    Your card is so pretty. I love that Labels seven and have thought so many times of buying it.

    Take care.

  9. Fabulous card Bernie... great design & colours.... love that sentiment!!! I am sure the gentleman in question will love it!!! Hugs May x x x x

  10. Great card Bernie, I'm sure your friend will be delighted with it. Heres hoping you get to use some pink and glitter soon

  11. Great to see Jim is home and on the mend. Being home will do him so much good!
    Great card here. I am sure the Marine will love it!

  12. Hi Bernie, lovely card your friend will love it! Hope Jim is feeling better soon.
    Laura xx

  13. Hi Bernie Don't have your email add in the laptop so will comment my thoughts here. Just thinking of you folks, and hoping that all recoveries are going wonderfully well. Things quiet at our place, Moi trying to be a good patient, appreciate my good care that I'm getting, not become terribly bored. Just wanted to pop by & say Hey!


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