Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 12

Hi There!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Thankfully the predicted storms did not materialize, all we got and still have are winds. The truth is I put on the evening news and the next thing I knew it was 12:30 AM. I let the dog out turned off the lights and went back to sleep. It was as though my body said enough is enough, you are sleeping, no ifs ands or buts.  Running around town in the heat (103) getting everything I needed for Jim’s homecoming drained me. Needless to say I did not make a card last night.

At the moment I am waiting for Jim’s call saying he is being discharged. I must say I’ve still not heard anyone say he is coming home except for Jim. He let slip last night he had ordered his dinner for today. Hummm if he is coming home why order dinner? We shall see if he actually comes home but when he does I have everything ready for him. Hopefully my next post will say he is home.

This is the card I made by the light of my battery operated lantern. Confession time: When the storm began I got out my lantern and flash light. When the power did go out I took my lantern in the craft closet and made Jim’s card. After I was done I went to get a drink. You know how you walk into a room and flip the switch even though you know the power is out. Well the lights came on. I learned the power hadn’t gone out at all. Apparently it had only flickered for a second but when it did it flipped the circuit breaker to the part of the house I was in. Oh well I don’t think the card suffered do you.  Our Internet and cable TV was out for several hours though.  The congratulations was on getting his tubes removed and taking that major step toward recovery. 

Okay best get myself cleaned up and ready to go. Hope to be back later tonight saying he is home.




  1. Aw Bernie - my fingers and toes are crossed here. Fabby card and I did laugh about the 'power cut' - I'd be the same! Love and hugs, Di xx

  2. Hopefully all will go well and your card is lovely:)x

  3. Oh my gosh that is too funny!

    Your card is fabulous and I could not have pulled this off!!! Your amazing!

  4. Great card Bernie considering the circumstances! Sounds like something I would do without a doubt!
    Laura xx


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