Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lace Flower

Hi There;  I do hope everyone is having a lovely day. I will be spending the day with my grandson. Should be a lot of fun.

For my card today I tried a few things new to me. I die cut my pattern paper with my trusty Sizzlet branch with leaves. It’s actually a very heavy cardstock from Girl’s Paperie. It proved to be a little to heavy for this die. I shimmed it and actually got the impression of the outer edge of the die but wasn’t able to completely cut thru the cardstock. I couldn’t bare to toss out such lovely paper so used my craft knife and carefully cut out the areas that the die hadn’t cut thru completely. I’m really pleased with the result but that took an incredibly long time so I wont be doing it again with such heavy cardstock.

The lace flower is also new to me. I gathering the lace with a needle and thread. The bottom layer was gathered on the very edge of the lace while the top layer was gathered thru the center and folded in half lengthwise.  A button holds the layers together. I made the pearl flourish myself.

“Cheap Trick” I can’t fit pearl or rhinestone flourishes into my budget so I made my own. I printed a few flourishes I found on line. I made a template by laying a transparency film over the printed flourish and pierced the film where the gems should go. I then laid the templates over my card until I found the placement I wanted. My templates are reversible and reuseable allowing for several options. I used a straight pin to make tiny prick marks thru the holes in the template. I found the pearls on discount at Michael’s. It proved to be easier then I expected. Since the pearls are on a strip of adhesive, I placed one end of the strip at the beginning of the flourish and slowly lower the rest in place over the remaining prick marks.

Thank you for visiting and for your comments. Your encouragement makes my day!
Have An Amazing Day!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Bernie - so much careful detail, I love it! Great tip about the pearl flourishes templates and you have my total admiration for persisting with the leaves! Hope you're having a great time on your little trip away! Hugs, Di xx

  2. Forgot to say - I'm in awe of the lace flower! Di xx

  3. This is wonderful, love the pearls there is so much going on it's just beautiful:) Sandra H


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