Friday, July 22, 2011

Lost & Found

Hi There!
Last October 2010 I mailed a card to my girl friend Diane in Alabama. A few weeks ago I found it my mail box.  One can only wonder where it had been. The envelope was a little dirty and the stamp was missing but otherwise it was fine.  I checked to be sure the card was unharmed, took a photo of it and sent it on again.  I'm happy to say this time it actually got to her.

I didn’t have a rectangle die so I used my Spellbinders Big Scalloped Squares LG and cut thru the center, over lapped the center scallops and used my ribbon to hide the cut. I stamped the corners in green chalk ink then embossed with Sparkle EP. I printed the sentiment on Word then cut and embossed with Classic Oval Lg. I used Crayola glitter glue around the edge and layered on to a Classic Scalloped Oval Lg. The Ribbon and Lace were thrift shop finds. The flower and dragon fly were in a blog candy from Pam of Smiffy’s Cards.   Thanks Pam!

“Cheap Trick” I found some EP in a yard sale grab bag but didn’t have a heat tool. I tried the microwave, the oven, holding it over the toaster, and even heating up a skillet. I wouldn’t advise any of those. 
What worked beautifully was my iron. After stamping with Versamark or chalk ink and sprinkling with EP I held my paper with a clothes pin or tweezers.  One area at a time, I gently rubbed the back of my paper against the iron in a circular motion,  just until the EP melted then moved to another area. Until you can afford a heat tool or if yours dies you can use this method in a pinch.

If you do this please be very careful.    To prevent bumping into it, set your iron well away from your work area on a solid heat proof surface.

Thanks for stopping by today and thank you for your wonderful comments.
Have an Amazing Day.


  1. Crumbs, lucky you found that beautiful card - such a waste if it had gone missing. It's beautiful Bernie! Great tip about the scallops die - I'm gonna try that with a square one too. And the iron trick sounds neat! I learn something every time I read one of your posts! Hugs, Di xx

  2. This is a beautiful card and so glad it didn't get lost forever...what a shame that would have been. Thanks for coming by and leaving such wonderful words on my blog candy. I see you have it posted, too. Thanks and good luck!

  3. WOW how strange was that!! love your card its so beautiful! colours are adorable and l love scallop dies they make a lovely card you can dress them up with any image really is beautiful:) Sandra H

  4. And I am thankful to get my card from my dear friend....just beautiful!

  5. Lovely little card Bernie, wonder where it's been! I had one like that, sent to my nephew in England in time for his birthday one April, returned to me in September of the same year!



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